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Suggestions for timing, rules, and/or other suggestions? and the most important question, do you want this to be a thing and possibly run it?

Black Border% is basically doing every difficulty of a single map including CHIMPS. For CHIMPS, you are not able to exit the game midway as it will no longer be a Black Border% cause it will become a gold border instead.

For Timing : (Current idea)
Timing starts on pressing play on first difficulty played and end on first frame where victory banner or free insta monkey screen pops up. The timer between maps will be paused to remove the menu screen time and continues the next time you press play on the next difficulty.

Rules = (Current idea)
- No double cash
- No modding the game of any kind
- Must show the entire run from start to finish (No cuts in between the difficult change)
- No Insta monkeys and power ( except monkey farmer)
- No continues (If fail mid run, just restart the difficulty but keep the timer running, unless thinking of resetting)
- Monkey Knowledge permitted
- It is fine if you already black bordered the map as long as you re-beat all difficulty again without exiting the map midway in the CHIMPS mode.

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For me, idea and rules are ok. The question is , will this category be divided into maps (like "level" speedrun) or map difficulties (like chimps mode speedrun).

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most likely map difficulties like CHIMPS runs cause it will be too much to have it for all maps

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I am down for this personally. I'll even try to run it again to give a rough estimate of how long actual attempts can be.

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I think it should be per map since some maps are faster/slower. I think it should just be an expansion of the "level leaderboard" since it is just two extra sub-cats. (Four if CHIMPS was there as well.)


Then the same could be said for CHIMPS and yet CHIMPS has very little runs despite it including all maps. Black Border% is much longer than CHIMPS and so far, there has only been 2 submissions (one by me)... If we make this a per map thing, nearly all of them will be empty... cause I doubt people are willing to run this category for every single map. While one difficulty is much more simpler and more feasible for one person to run all difficulties then every map


It's much easier to just allow for the use of every map under the same category, considering very few have even done Black Border % anyway. I would personally like if you weren't allowed to pause in-between maps. It just adds to the strategy for a run that is for the most part remembering timings and placing towers.

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For the pausing in-between maps, this is just to try remove the loading times... For example, It is much slower to load assets on phone then on pc so I want to try remove that much of the equation as much as possible. So from the title screen, by using a fast pc, you can enter a map about .5s to 1s faster then if you should use a lower end pc or phone. Also, it allows people to go to the restroom or something cause it is quite a long speedrun (just trying to be as speedrun friendly as possible). I will possibly add an additional rule though. If you were to go to any other screen like MK or powers screen, I will start the timer again 😃

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