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Hi guys!

What do you think of this new sub-game? This is the largest number of levels that a person can reach!
Created from the challenge editor with some details:
- NO powers;
- NO simian knowledge;
- Difficulty: Medium;
- Game mode: Standard
- Starting money: Standard
- Initial lives: 1 heart;
- Maximum lives: 1000 hearts;
- Initial round: Standard;
- Final round: 1 (The final round will be the 1st, but the game continues in "free play" mode);
- All monkeys available;
- Life and speed of balloons in the standard (100%);
- Sales: YES;
- Continuation: NO;
- All camouflaged: NO;
- All are regenerators: NO.

Can it be on "any map" or "on a specific map"?

I created a challenge to serve as an example, on the intermediate map "Bazzaar", it's good because it has obstacles, water, two routes and it's fun!

Tell me what you think of the idea!


Sub games could be like fastest 1mil money fastest lvl 10 hero and so on!