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Hey everyone, its nice to see this community grown so big over the year, it was really nice to be a part of this commuinity and being a mod, but after a long consideration and being very busy these past few months with my final few semesters of uni. I think its best for me to step down and focus on my real life, I will still occasionally check on and do speedruns when i do have spare time but i am currently too bus to verify runs consistently anymore for the past few months.

I might return to being mod later after uni... who know 😛 but until then, pray the verification time wont be too long xD

Even tho i might not be mod, feel free to contact me anytime on discord for any help or tips on the game or technically issues. 😃 Not so much for bugs and stuff coz im out of the loop for that one... havent speedrun btd6 since update 28.0

Shoutout to iberian for being a great help 😃

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