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No autosplitter yet, but when it's available, it'll be in the same file.
I'd appreciate if people tested this to confirm everything's functioning properly.


Supported Versions(PC Only):
GOG 1.05 (half-tested with help, I don't have access to this version)
GOG Oldest (FitGirl Repack, should be untouched, unknown exact version)
Steam 1.03




Run LiveSplit as administrator, or else it won't have permission to access RotN's memory and Global Hotkeys wouldn't work. This can be done by default through LiveSplit's Properties -> Compatibility.
In LiveSplit, Edit Splits... -> Enter Game Name -> Click the 'Activate' button that shows up below Attempts -> Make your splits -> Fill in other info if you want -> OK -> Save your splits.
Additional step if it's not working, try comparing against Game Time. It shouldn't be any different, but this fixes it for some people.


Notes & Settings

Quick clip of the load remover in action: https:/​/​clips.​twitch.​tv/​CrispySassyYamKappaClaus
To update to the latest version of the ASL file when LiveSplit is already open: Deactivate/Activate the ASL, or re-open your splits file, or simply relaunch LiveSplit.
Default settings currently pauses the timer when:
Loading in general (room transitions, warps, waystones, general loading)
Loading a file (actually a separate memory flag and does an immediate transition into the general loading flag afterwards)
Saving a file (because writing to disk isn't much different than reading from it, and it shows a loading icon for its duration, which could also potentially vary; it's another separate memory flag)
Settings menu:

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