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To downpatch your game in steam you have to download a depot with the old patch version. To do this just follow these steps:

1. Have Steam open, then press windows+R to open the run command, and type in:
2. Type this into the Steam console: download_depot 692850 692852 5473639789110894405
3. It will download all the game files, around 7460 MB (note that the Steam client might not show downloading anything)
4. After it's finished the console will tell you where the game files were downloaded, copy the files and paste them where you have bloodstained installed
5. Enjoy the old patch

Note that this depot is for the patch 1.03, currently the most favorable patch. This might change with future updates, then we can just add other depots to the list.
In case Steam might have the idea to patch the game again (it will certainly do so if a new patch comes out), you can just keep the downloaded files somewhere and copy them over again, so you don't have to download them every time.
There should be no problem with the load remover/autosplitter while using the old patch.

Current Versions:
1.02: download_depot 692850 692852 831085180957722547
1.03: download_depot 692850 692852 5473639789110894405
1.04 (current patch): download_depot 692850 692852 5536599097431670093

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