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Pays de la Loire, France

I tend to see emu runs have faster loads than console so that's means we need to calculate the difference between these.

For example in 100% - Nabbit, Lukas got a 8:53, but Daniel with a 8:58 have technically a faster run if we look at the sum of IGTs (Daniel have a faster run by 4 In game secs) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J9yWWItCvd98DZwbJfTvQswuak-GlEoKaNzWJa5MMOM/edit?usp=sharing

I think there are something like 10 secs load advantage for emulators which is a pretty huge advantage on a 9 mins run.

Also we've decided to include some extra rules for emu runs like showing a FPS counter to avoid peoples accelerating the game framerate. Don't forget you must touch on nothing in emulation settings for runs !

Pays de la Loire, France


I've timed loads to see how faster emu is against console, and I got the result of 8 secs approximately for 100%. I added the "Time with loads" column.

When submitting a run on emulator for 100%, put in "Time without loads" your actual time and add 8 secs in the "Time with loads" column.

For now we don't know for the other categories. We'll know once emu runs will be submitted there.

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