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As always, we will be using a game submission form, you can find it here:

If at all possible, we would like the runners to batch submit all their runs at once. That said we will not enforce this as a policy; you can still add games as an afterthought, just make sure to keep it at a max of 5 runs.
Also, if you have alternate submissions for the same game (e.g. SMB1 any% and/or 100%), please submit each alternative as a separate run.

Submissions will close the 15th of June (midnight CET, transition of Wednesday to Thursday).
At this time every runner that has gotten in will be required to have their tickets ordered and payed for before the 22nd of June, keep in mind that banktransfer takes some time and plan accordingly.

Please get your games in on time! Late inclusions are possible, but very rarely appear on the schedule. Any questions regarding game submission can be asked here. Get those games in people!
Currently submitted runs can be viewed here:

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