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The date and time
From : 5th of August – 19:00 (GMT + 2)
Till : 7th of August – 18:00 (GMT + 2) (and then afterparty/cleanup till 20:00/22:00)

AwesomeSpace Utrecht
MarcoPololaan 8

Public Transport
Tram: stop at Utrecht 5 mei Plein
Bus: Take Line 7 and stop at Marco Pololaan

Contacting info
Please join the public discord with the link down below:

You can find the submissionsform here:

If at all possible, we would like the runners to batch submit all their runs at once. That said we will not enforce this as a policy; you can still add games as an afterthought, just make sure to keep it at a max of 5 runs. Also, if you have alternate submissions for the same game (e.g. SMB1 any% and/or 100%), please submit each alternative as a separate run.

Submissions will close on July 27th (midnight CEST, transistion of Wednesday to Thursday). You can view current submissions here:

Mass housing
We currently do not have mass housing available. If you want to stay overnight, ask one of the runners living near the event through discord or other means.

Entry fee
We are using a ticket system for the event. We request runners pay their ticket by the 4th of August. Tickets are €5,- per person. Viewers can pay upon arrival.

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