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The date and time
From : 27th of May – 19:00 (GMT + 2)
Till : 29th of May – 20:00 (GMT + 2)

AwesomeSpace Utrecht
MarcoPololaan 8

Public Transport
Tram: stop at Utrecht 5 mei Plein
Bus: stop at Utrecht, Kanaleneiland

Contacting info
Please join the public discord with the link down below:

Any questions regarding submissions go here:

Mass housing
Confirmed. Entry and exit times still under discussion, address can be gotten directly from me.

Entry fee
€5 entry fee for both runners and longtime spectators(over 4 hours)

Unfortunately because of scheduling concerns we've been forced to move this event to the end of may, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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The first draft of the schedule for the May BSG is up:

Please check your time slot(s) on the schedule and if you can make them work. In principle, everything is still adjustable when discussed / requested.


Schedule looks good for me. I'll be there for most of sunday.

Now to get a good 2 weeks of practice in 😛

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