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The date and time
From : 24th of June – 19:00 (GMT + 2)
Till : 26th of June – 18:00 (GMT + 2) (and then afterparty/cleanup till 20:00/22:00)

AwesomeSpace Utrecht
MarcoPololaan 8

Public Transport
Tram: stop at Utrecht 5 mei Plein
Bus: Take Line 7 and stop at Marco Pololaan

Contacting info
Please join the public discord with the link down below:

Any questions regarding submissions go here:

Mass housing
Confirmed, but limited places available, also bring your own sleeping supplies(pillows, airbeds, blankets and the likes)

Entry fee
We are going to utilize a new ticketing system that is going to be released somewhere in the next week or 2.
You will be able to buy your ticket through the website, Runners that get on the schedule are required to pay their tickets ahead of the final schedule.
Viewers however can also get their ticket through the site and then pay at the venue.

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