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I want to mention a few things regarding the cuts before anything else. The cuts are split up in 4 parts, the accepted runs (these are going to be on the main schedule by default), the setup buffer runs (these are on the schedule but are removed if there wouldnt be enough time due to something going horribly wrong), the back-up list runs (these runs are rejected, but will be on a list of back-up runs in case something happens to another run or we start running very far ahead) and the rejected runs (these runs will not be in the marathon). As with any marathon, dont feel bad if your game(s) didnt make it. There is only so much time to fill, so one way or another games are going to have to be cut. We appreciate all of your submissions and are looking forward to seeing all of you during BSG annual. Anyway, without further ado, the cuts for BSG Annual:

The schedule can be found here:

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