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Saturday, 20th October 2018
Bomberman Land Touch!
Any% (Normal) - CrroolCrrool
Portal 2
Coop Single Segment - Firefox__Firefox__ & theVugtheVug
Metroid: Zero Mission
Portal Stories: Mel
Beat the Game - theVugtheVug
Setup Buffer] SEUM: Speedrunners from hell
Phineas and Ferb: Ride Again
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Silver's Story (No MSG) - CriticalCydCriticalCyd
Sleep% - Everyone
Sunday, 21st October 2018
Far Cry 2
Any% - MakkerDon
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Rayman 2 Revolution
The Useful Dead
Beat the game - SansSkillSansSkill
Any% - VictorianGaming
Fallout: New Vegas
Glitchless - MakkerDon
Setup Buffer] OneShot
Yoshi's Story
All bosses, regular, legacy - KepsertKepsert
The times may change as the marathon goes on, so keep an eye on this.