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We are working hard on preparing everything for BSG Annual, but such an event would not be possible without our on-site volunteers! Therefore, if you are interested in helping out during the event, this is the place to look!

You will be working alongside our lovely volunteer team, making the most of the event, and also have a lot of fun! You will be working in shifts with a maximum of 4 hours, and will be trained by one of our experienced volunteer or staff members on everything you need to know.

If you are already a volunteer, you do not have to explicitly apply again (you will be contacted closer to the event). However, if you wish to learn a new task as an existing volunteer, you can still apply (more details below).

For this event, we are looking for volunteers at the following tasks:

Hosting involves, among others, announcing runs, reading out donations, plugging incentives and talking about the charity. You will learn how to work with the donation system, and how to keep the chat informed about BSG and our partners. Hosts will be able to fill in what runs they prefer to host, but this is in no mean a guarantee that you will host that game.

Audio involves monitoring audio during runs, and setting up audio levels in between games, ensuring that runners/hosts are clearly hearable in comparison to the game. You will learn how to work with the audio mixer, and what to focus on when setting up audio levels.

Tech involves setting up consoles, keeping track of the timer and all the involving software, and making sure everything is properly cropped on stream. You will learn how to work with the streaming software, and how to control the dashboard interacting with the back-end.

This tasks involves preparing and giving an interview with runners. You will be talking about their run, what they think of the event, speedrunning, and whatever feels fitting.