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How will it work?
We ask runners to submit their runs individually using the form that's linked below. In case you want to submit multiple games or categories, you have to fill the form out for each additional game/category. You can opt to mention your preferred run/category, this is not a guarantee that that run will be accepted, but we will take it into consideration.

When can I submit?
Submissions will run from January 15th until March 31st, 11:59 pm CEST.

Where can I submit?
The submission form: https://goo.​gl/forms/EQTRajE0od8cmv713
Submitted runs: https://goo.​gl/aUPTBz

Chase games
We understand that there will be some hype games that take some time to develop a good speedrun, and just aren't ready for when our deadline approaches.
For these games specifically, we introduce chase games. On May 1st, we will open a "chase games" submission form, for those games that were released on or after March 1st 2019. These will slide along with our 2nd cuts.
Games that were released before March 1st will not be taken into account

When will I know if my run got in?
First cuts: May 5th
Chase games submissions: May 10th
Second cuts & schedule: June 2th


11 days left until submissions close!