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BSG, also known as the Benelux Speedrunner Gathering, is an on-site marathon in the Netherlands. Naturally, the event is open for people from all nationalities. The doors will be open starting Saturday the 18th of August until Sunday the 26th of August. The stream is scheduled to run starting Sunday the 19th of August until Saturday the 25th of August. Mass housing is available until Sunday the 26th and will cover this entire period.

Egyptischedijk 14
5531NE Bladel
the Netherlands

Due to the venue being somewhat hard to reach by public transport it will be possible to be picked up and dropped off at Eindhoven Central or Eindhoven Airport, more info on this soon.

Submissions & Schedule dates
Submissions open: February 23rd (6 pm CEST) until May 6th (11:59 pm CEST)
Cuts: May 20th
Schedule: May 27th (at the end of BSG)
You can find more info on submissions in the Submission thread here:

Entry fee
We are using a ticket system for the event, where you can buy them will be announced later. Tickets will be €55,- per person, mass housing will be €35,- for the full week. Day tickets will be €15,-, and mass housing tickets for 1 night will be €10,-. These prices will go live at June 1st, this post will be updated once the tickets are live.
Runners will be required to have paid their tickets a month up front of the event, July 15th 23:59 CEST for reference.

Tickets can be found at
The volunteering thread can be found at

Contact info
Please join the public discord:

Discord is our official means of communication and is the easiest way to get in touch with any of the organizing members.

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Quick bump for visability, only a couple weeks left until submissions close


i am just started speedrunning. is there a spot for people that are new ? or is it just advanced speedrunners out there like slade or plywood for the MGS part ?

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We welcome anyone. Feel free to submit, and if you make the cut, congratulations!

P.S. I've only been a speedrunner since December, and got accepted for the BSG in early March.


As of now, the preliminary schedule can be found at . With some changes to the schedule happening as we speak, the schedule will not be available here just yet. Once those changes are taken care of, the schedule on here will be updated.