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Saturday, 21st October 2017
Donkey Kong Country Returns
The Addams Family (SNES)
AllBosses% - IndiIndi
Final Fantasy
Hellfire Chasm 2P1C - CrroolCrrool,IndiIndi
Cally's Caves 3
Any%+Saves - NepumukNepumuk
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Setup Buffer/Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
F-Zero GX
All Tracks Max Speed - Valyssa0Valyssa0
Super Mario Sunshine
20 Shines - BastenBasten
Pokémon Trading Card Game
Any% No Tutorial - badkiarabadkiara
Super Mario Galaxy
120 Stars Luigi - ShadowFrostShadowFrost
Sunday, 22nd October 2017
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn
New Game+ All stories - TheRolePlayingGuyTheRolePlayingGuy
Metroid: Zero Mission
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
Any% NMG (US), Retry mode - CrroolCrrool
Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Firion - IndiIndi
Setup Buffer/Ink
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
Any% No WW/OOB (No S+Q) - xandertje10xandertje10
Sonic Heroes
Team Chaotix - CriticalCydCriticalCyd
Any% (+incentive) - KepsertKepsert, pyoniumpyonium
Super Mario 64
Afterthoughts and Announcements
The times may change as the marathon goes on, so keep an eye on this.