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Update -- ASL Version 2.2 -- September 2, 2020

• Complete until further game updates.
• Fixed final split for Episode 2.
See Notes section below for specifics.


Auto Splitter


Supported Versions(PC Only):
1.3.1 (Latest)



Run LiveSplit as administrator, or else it won't have permission to access COTM2's memory and Global Hotkeys wouldn't work. This can be done by default through Properties -> Compatibility.
In LiveSplit, Edit Splits... -> Enter Game Name -> Click the 'Activate' button that shows up below Attempts -> Make your splits -> Fill in other info if you want -> OK
Right-click your splits -> Compare Against -> Real Time -> Remember to save your splits & layout.
If it's not working, you may need to compare against Game Time on odd setups.



• If the auto-splitter script(ASL) is ever updated, you only need to toggle Deactivate & Activate in the split editor until you see the latest ASL version in Settings; or just restart LiveSplit.
• This ASL checks for the MD5Hash of COTM2's executable to automatically determine which version of the game you're running, and if there is no match, it will default to the latest or most popular version.

• Auto-starts for all modes on the exact frame you gain player control.
• Auto-splits on final hit or final input for all modes/endings (variations were considered).

Setting Option to auto-split on final hit to non-final bosses. Disabled by default.
>Note: For the flying Shmup stage, this splits when transitioning to the moon instead of final hit to the dragon, which matches the following setting:
Setting Option to auto-split when Stage ID changes (all modes considered) Enabled by default.
>Notes: For Ep4, this splits any time you go back to camp. For Boss Rush, this splits any time you go back to the lobby.
Setting Option to auto-split upon entering all boss rooms (including Boss Rush). Disabled by default.

• Single Mode is automatically supported through the above.

Setting Option to auto-reset any time you're on the Title Screen. (only mid-run) Disabled by default.

CONSIDER: You may want to try enabling all or multiple auto-split settings, then adding extra splits. This way you can separate times for the stage itself, boss fights, and transitions between final hit and stage change.
This makes each split segment much more comparable to other runs and categories.
Example layout:
Prepare an "Unsplit" hotkey for repeat scenarios like retrying bosses in some modes.


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