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For COTM v1.1.2
Trainer version: 1.1
Just a 4.3MB executable. Scan:
It's clean, but it's a cheat tool made in Cheat Engine, so it's bound to set off false positives.

This probably needs to be run as admin if it isn't by default.
Not sure if Cheat Engine is required to run the executable. Let me know when you try.
Just in-case:
CE Latest(6.8.2):
CE official site:
Careful about this step during installation:
CE is a very handy and lightweight program, there's no harm in getting it if you haven't already.

This is my first trainer. It's been a very long(~40h) and interesting process, to say the least.

Trainer in action:
GIF of just the checkpoint feature:

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Great tool!
Some maybe useful information for others after I tried it out for a bit:

Loading a checkpoint is buggy but it worked for me every time after I died. And usually you want to die before teleporting back to your checkpoint anyway to respawn enemies and lanterns.

(De-)Activating the Health and WP upgrades only takes effect after reloading the stage. It is immediately shown in the pause menu but your max health/WP only changes after reloading the stage. Power Glove and Armor seem to work immediately.

For boss practice I highly recommend using the Boss Rush mode with this tool. Only in Boss Rush you can die to their desperation attack to immediately try the boss again after you defeat it. In normal stages you would have to die before killing the boss or rely on using the load checkpoint function which really did not work for me most of the time after I killed the boss.
I think Pressing i when entering Boss Rush puts the bosses in Nightmare/Ultimate difficulty.

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