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Vitals Info:
What: Buckeye Speed Bash 2016
When: June 11-12th, 2016
Where: The Holiday Inn OSU Campus:
Who: Whoever wants to come!
Why: To have a good time speedrunning!
Submit here:

Hello! I am happy and proud to announce that a collection of us Ohio speedrunners have decided to make an Ohio speedrun meetup happen!

As of currently, this marathon has not been set up to raise money for any charities. Our main focus currently is growing the wonderful Ohio speedrunning scene (and inviting people from outside Ohio to attend if they wish). Also, it will be a great opportunity to meet other speedrunners from all over the state, as we have already had confirmations of attendees coming from every corner of the Buckeye state.

While there has been talk of Ohio meet ups in the past, it usually fell dead in the water secondary to where in the state it should be held: Columbus or Cleveland areas. However, we researched both areas and found that our potential locations to rent were much more reasonable in Columbus. As a result, the choice was made to host it in Columbus. We also chose the dates of June 11-12 to not interfere with RPGLB, NASA, SGDQ, Midwest Speedfest and graduation dates of some of our runners who will be attending.

If you wish to attend and/or run a game, please fill out this form:
Note that this event is primarily to have a good time. We want to include at least one run from every person who submits and is able to attend. Even if you don't have a run and wish to attend, fill out the form above anyways! Just leave the information about runs blank. Note that submissions are live, and will probably remain so for 6 weeks.

Please note there will be a small fee to attend, as the space we're renting out is not free. This is just so that the burden doesn't fall entirely on one person's shoulders. However, we believe it to be about $10 per person, which I feel is very reasonable. We'll add info on this when we see how many people actually attend.

Thank you for reading this! If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself (You can Skype me at CosmykTheDolfyn, email me at, or send me a PM on SDAto CosmykTheDolfyn, or my twitch at CosmykTheDolfyn. I'll respond as quick as I can) or Genocidal (you can send him a PM on SDA). We hope to see you soon at Buckeye Speed Bash!


Location updated. We had an issue pop up beyond our control with the original location.