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I am interested in an 8-triforces run across all games in an RTA, where time stops the moment you enter Ganon's chamber (like how NES Zelda's swordless run ends entering Ganon's chamber). If I were to run this as a proof-of-concept, could we get a category made?

A few of us in the NES Z1 community are planning an 8-triforces race April 1st, so it would be neat to see 😃


The categories right now are very much just what I thought would make sense/eventually want to run. If there are categories for this that people want to do and aren't listed, I would love to add them!


OK so these were my thoughts on the category I'm going to run (and organize a race for)


Collect all 8 triforces and time stops when you enter Ganon's lair with 8 triforces, and all items required to defeat Ganon.

Because Ganon is fought on a global timer, making a speedrun "impossible", time stops when you enter the lair, however, you must defeat Ganon to validate the run. If you die to Ganon, then you must un-do your last split (and time will stop when you successfully defeat Ganon.

The run is timed in an RTA and does not stop when switching roms/packs. Time starts when you select your file before week 1. All 4 weeks must be played in succession.

Use of the English patch is allowed, just list your run as done on the USA version.

(the reason any% is likely not going to work as a category is because of the required wait for Ganon. This means the best player in the world will be within seconds at best of anyone that can get to Ganon before time allows the fight to start. Before I was ever a speedrunner, I would usually reach his chamber with 15-20 minutes to spare. Stopping the timer at entry to Ganon's chamber would allow for the time to be pushed lower, and with the required kill of Ganon afterwards to validate the run, it would still require planning ahead... if you have only 1 rupee for example, do you risk going into Ganon's chamber saving time on the way?)


You could also require players to pause their timer (or manually add time back to their final split) but that will be a colossal PITA lol)

Any thoughts?


BTW I'm referring to the original game which is split into 4 different roms... not a patched version of it that works in one playthrough. has more information. I was thinking of the patched version of the original leaked ROMS by Roto. I dunno... would be nice to find a way to run that game.


This sounds like an excellent idea. I think stopping the timer at the chamber but the Ganon verification being required works well - it detaches the time from the global timer, but doesn't remove the final boss fight from the game (and the need to plan for it). Also, that fight is kind of obnoxious, I don't think anyone is going to mind the time it takes not counting against them, haha.

I've added you as a mod on here, and I'm happy to leave the specifics of the category up to you. If there's anything you want a second opinion on, just let me know.