A save made after the intro cutscene of Minerva's Den. Use of this save to start runs is encouraged but not required. Drop the MDSTART file into your Documents\Bioshock2\SaveGames folder and find the save in the Load Game menu. (direct download)
Here is what I buy on the garden buys (since i dont show this in the splits themselves). To be honest, the order you buy stuff doesnt really matter as long as you have it all by the end. This is just what I did in my pb. Garden Buy #1 - 1x health, 1x eve, 1x tonic slot, 1x plasmid slot Garden Buy #2 - 4x health, 4x eve, all remaining plasmid slots, as many gene slots as you can buy Garden Buy #3 - 1x health, 1x eve, all remaining gene slots, all Lv.1 plasmids (cyclone, decoy, hypno, bees, winterblast) (external link)