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AGDQ 2018 will run Jan 7-14 in Herndon, Virginia. What do you all think about submitting Broforce for it? What category/categories would be good to submit? How best do we make our case for the inclusion of Broforce in a GDQ?

As an aside, I happen to be local to the area, so I'd be able and more than willing to run/couch if this thing happened.


It would probably be best to submit Any% NG+, as it's the shortest category. I doubt AGDQ will give much time to a less popular/active game like Broforce. Case for inclusion - it was previously at AGDQ 2015 and the game has changed quite a lot since then, and the run has been pretty well optimized over the past year or so.

I'm a relatively short drive from that location, so I can also run/couch. I can try and submit a run once submissions are open, though I'm not sure if they'd accept a run from me, since I'm relatively new to speedrunning and not an regular streamer.


Any% NG+ does seem like the best category to submit due to its shortness. That said, optional levels in Campaign may also be cool to show off. I'd make a case for co-op if there were any runs (give me time and I can fix that) Also, due to deaths not being too costly, Broforce is a relatively safe game, so if we make a generous estimate (runner's average plus 5m, maybe?) we're not as likely to go over estimate as any game with any make-or-break tricks. Mistakes being recoverable with not too much time lost may be an important thing to mention when submitting. I'd also make a case for a race if we had more activity (and by that I mean me being better and more consistent and actually having a not-campaign run done) but that's for another time. Hopefully AGDQ spotlight on us will get people more interested in running Broforce.

Also, regular streamer or not, you're the current WR holder. WR holders are more likely to be accepted.


I can possibly try a non campaign run. I'm playing through the game normally on arcade.