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Hey guys, I'm new to running this game and would like to know if you guys have any advice. Thanks!


1. Watch a couple runs before you start running it seriously
2. Learn the levels; a bit of advice, the explosives(specifically the propane tanks) are always in the same location the first time you play a level. If you complete that level without dying every time you do a new run they will be the same.
3. Learn the bros; all of the bros handle slightly differently, some of them(Brominator, the jetpack guy I never remember, and cherry brolins in particular are great for flying over levels)(The Boondock Bros are good for damage boosting)
4. Learn which bosses you can skip, and learn the quick kills for the ones you can't
5. Pray for good rng lol
if you have any specific questions you can pm me on twitch or Discord 😃


I have 3 magic tricks for you :
1 : You can run by double taping right or left, your bro stop running if you climb a ladder or if you change direction.
2 : If you run on a propane tank, you will have the same mouvement speed (ms) as the propane tank, even after you leave the propane tank. You'll loose the propane ms if you stop running.
3 : On the town level (the 4 level before the megacokter) if you run and jump on a rope and then jump away, you'll move faster than normal, this work with all the bro.
Another thing : running with bronan and attacking at the same time make you run faster.
Excuse my bad english skill, I hope I was understandable, good luck for your run bro.

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i submitted a time recently has i wanted for a long time to run this game.

Tips : i have binded run on a trigger of my controller so i can precisely run when i want.


If you play on PC With a Gamepad run is bound to L1 by default


If you use an arcade stick like I do, you'll want to change your keybinds because the defaults were not designed for stick play. Shocker.