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Hey all,
I am sorry that this bug caused so much trouble.
I updated my version of the Autosplitter, it should be working now.

The Autosplitter can not remove the time lost while the screen is black. It simply removes the time lost while the game actually loads a level (either by restarting or loading a New level). Thats why it feels like the Splitter is removing too little time.

I timed the Autosplitter manually by recording a run and comparing Video time to livesplit time in order to check if it is fair.
It is not possible to consistently remove lag in a fair way.
Unfortunately lag is something we all have to deal with (especially in coop).

I think the runs in question should either
add the time after the Satan cutscene
Or manually retime the entire run


a script that cut the time when "full black screen" or "loading screen" is possible, no need for it to be a splitter. I could start to work on it but I'm not sure how to do it with the few programming skills I have


(gonna make a new comment cause the edit button doesn't work)

Is it authorized to edit the video to cut the "full black screen" and "loading screen" to get the real "no loads" time ?

EDIT (hoping this time it works) : my last run (40min56sec+satan time - ) isn't as laggy as I thought, so yeah, I don't think that run should get any special treatment or anything. I was focused on how laggy my first run was.

Sorry for the message spam for nothing.


Thank you for the new autosplitter. It works perfectly for the last satan.

But I see the problem during the other cutscene like TerrorKrawler. The timer stop during the cutscene and restart with the same time after the fight/split.

I've verified, the "old" autosplitter do the same thing


I will look into it, for now I would sugest not submitting any times with the Autosplitter until it is fixed

I think there is an easy fix but I am currently travelling so it will take a bit until I can work in it


No problem, it's already nice to create this


I put up an update to my autosplitter at with new isLoading code. Uses a "has_been_setup" byte that is 0 when a map is being loaded. The issue with finding the pointer is that it's assigned a new address on every level load.

Hopefully the default value I picked works for everyone, but I put up instructions for finding it with Cheat Engine in the comments at the gist link above, and can provide pointermaps on request. If it's not working, it should be equivalent to subtracting all the time where "LOADING" is on the screen, though I only did some brief testing.


Hey argusdusty,
your version works really well for me 😃

EDIT: I just tested it again and now the game time is constantly paused. Can you send me your Pointermap?

I updated my version as well, just in case anyone has problems with the Pointers you use, but I am not 100% confident that my version will work for everyone bug-free.


I experimented further with has_been_setup and found it performed poorly in later levels - not marking large sections of loading time correctly. So I found a different variable instead: "float level_start_counter : "Broforce_beta.exe", 0xA25234, 0x100, 0x0, 0x28;" (hopefully that path works for everyone) which is set to 2.0 when loading and counts downward while playing the level. It's a part of the GameModeController Mono object. It also excludes those helicopter transition screens.

I updated my autosplitter to use it and tested out a full run with it and it appears to be working fine (had to make a minor patch to get it working on the first level - see "initial_load" in my autosplitter for that). Hopefully I'll be submitting some runs with this soon so I can take back top spot on the leaderboards. My 41:05 run probably has an IGT well below 38m, but I guess there's no way to know for sure.


Do you have a link for the autosplitter ?


Nice, thank you !
Also, an update is coming in some time, will all the speedruns be canceled ?


Hi, I'm planning to run this game and I was wondering if there was an "official" link for the autosplitter. If not, is there anywhere i could download it?