Yes; time without loads implies each single segment added together. In an autosplitter, time would only count up during the actual levels, and stop in between.


Hey guys, I guess I'm back after a one year (or even longer, can't really remember) break from speedrunning. Sorry if I didn't reply to a post regarding myself and my runs, but the updates until the final release killed my motivation, because even more RNG have been added.

I pretty much back. I have to grind some more and get used to the new skips you found in my absence. Also I figured out that you "new" - I mean runners that didn't run the game in early access - guys with those new records, don't use the old strats, for example zipline boosting (and I don't mean jump off to gain boost) and my Terrorkoptor cutscene skip I found myself.
My PB is currently 50:40, but I after todays practice run, I know for sure, that I can get between 46 and 48, depends on my choke level, which I currently have to fight.

Still I have some questions, which I hope some of you can answer. Regarding the cutscene skip in GR666 and zipline glitch in Rail Forest. Maybe someone can explain a constant way for getting it. I'm pretty much struggling.

~ Greetings and happy speedrunning ~
~ MirrorsMind ~

PS: It's good to see, that this game is still alive.

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Hi there,

For the GR666 cutscene skip, you can do that consistently by holding the 'fly'/jump button once you get in the mech until you run out of fuel and land - you should always land past the cutscene trigger. If you let go of the button during flight to try to 'increase' the distance (as you might feel is intuitive) you'll end up short. Getting the quick-kill on GR666 is much less consistent (most of my runs end there), but the best strategy I have is to dig straight down, ignoring the boss (aside from making sure he doesn't kill himself/you with missiles/bombs), then push him into the hole once you're done.

For the Rail Fortress zipline clip, it feels pretty easy to do, just get on the zipline and move forward (as if you were climbing up the zipline without jumping or dropping off) - you should just clip through the boss. You have to move a bit quickly getting to the zipline before the boss moves too far up, but you can do the clip on any of the ziplines (including the downward ones) so you can get multiple tries if you're quick.

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Hey Guys,
a friend of mine and I started running the Any% NG+ category of this game a few months ago.
We have come to a point were we can consistently get sub 50 runs in online lobbys and a PB of 44:01 local coop.
We also discovered some significant skips and smaller time saves across the route, most notably being a way to skip Satan.

Since the Campaign Any% NG+ Co-op category was recently added I wanted to ask if you could also add the Any% NG+ category.

In addition to all of that we are currently working on an Autosplitter. I am going to release the source code for that in another post


hey again,
I just noticed that the Campaign Any% NG+ Co-op category actually uses the ruleset of Any% NG+ Co-op
I don't know if this is intentional but I would sugest renaming the category to avoid further confusion


Hi lachszunge,
Nice find with the first Satan fight skip! I took a look at the run you posted and it looks like it's an OoB trick similar to the one used on level 15 - I've confirmed from past experiments on that level that you can do the trick with (at least) 3 bros - The Brode, Bro Lee, and The Brofessional. I've uploaded a video showcasing this:

I've also confirmed all 3 can do the Satan fight skip. I tried to use the OoB trick from level 15 (ledge climbing) to also skip Satan with any bro, and also tried having his mini-deathfield push you out, but it appears you can only get 1-2 blocks out of bounds with other bros without further tricks.

You can use those 3 bros to go OoB in a couple of places in the run - in addition to level 15 and the Satan fight, also the cutscene for the Acid Crawler on level 35 and the Satan cutscene on level 57 (if you go that route), though neither of those saves nearly as much time.


Hey argusdusty,
we also found that SnakeBroSkin is able to go OoB but it seems very inconsistent. We also tried digging us through the ground below Satan and tried to go OoB with any Character just like in Level 15, but it seems you are unable to reach the cutscene trigger. That´s why we restarted in the beginning of the level until we had one of the 3 characters you mentioned. With 2 players you have a chance of about 18% to get one of the three first try. This makes an average of about three restarts. That´s also the reason why we try to collect a character or kill ourselves when we have one of them at the end of the previous level, since that would lower the chances.