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a lot of errors in this run but I still training

Arcade Mode
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45m 10s
Real Time Attack
47m 45s
1 month ago
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Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
110m 11s 803ms0m 11s 803ms
220m 16s 192ms0m 27s 995ms
330m 18s 977ms0m 46s 972ms
440m 17s 633ms1m 04s 605ms
550m 26s 357ms1m 30s 962ms
66 (Terrorkoptor)0m 37s 908ms2m 08s 870ms
770m 28s 996ms2m 37s 866ms
880m 18s 763ms2m 56s 629ms
99 (The Tower)0m 30s 691ms3m 27s 320ms
10100m 20s 198ms3m 47s 518ms
1111 (GR666)0m 57s 649ms4m 45s 167ms
12120m 36s 134ms5m 21s 301ms
13130m 33s 174ms5m 54s 475ms
14140m 26s 318ms6m 20s 793ms
1515 (The Mine)0m 25s 220ms6m 46s 013ms
1616 (Megacockter)1m 31s 851ms8m 17s 864ms
1717 (Airstrikes)0m 46s 564ms9m 04s 428ms
18180m 30s 600ms9m 35s 028ms
1919 (Stealth Tank)1m 06s 770ms10m 41s 798ms
20200m 27s 325ms11m 09s 123ms
2121 (Revenge of the Tower)0m 43s 130ms11m 52s 253ms
2222 (Son of the Tower)0m 33s 043ms12m 25s 296ms
2323 (Sky Fortress)0m 33s 806ms12m 59s 102ms
24240m 29s 256ms13m 28s 358ms
2525 (Banane)0m 25s 830ms13m 54s 188ms
2626 (small jump)0m 18s 519ms14m 12s 707ms
2727 (Rail Fortress)0m 47s 109ms14m 59s 816ms
28280m 37s 038ms15m 36s 854ms
29290m 36s 373ms16m 13s 227ms
3030 (Terrorbot)0m 40s 310ms16m 53s 537ms
3131 (Begin Part 2)0m 34s 060ms17m 27s 597ms
3232 (Sneaky Boost)0m 29s 286ms17m 56s 883ms
3333 +0m 46s 051ms18m 42s 934ms
3434 + (Double Propane)
0m 21s 452ms19m 04s 386ms
3535 (Acid Crawler)0m 26s 802ms19m 31s 188ms
36360m 56s 400ms20m 27s 588ms
3737 +0m 42s 510ms21m 10s 098ms
3838 + (Acid Crawler2)1m 01s 463ms22m 11s 561ms
3939 (Spike Skip)0m 38s 221ms22m 49s 782ms
4040 (Humongocrawler)0m 59s 511ms23m 49s 293ms
41410m 33s 098ms24m 22s 391ms
4242+ (Roller bombs)
0m 37s 254ms24m 59s 645ms
43431m 16s 187ms26m 15s 832ms
4444 (Terrorkrawler Preview)1m 31s 810ms27m 47s 642ms
4545+ (Terrorkrawler)1m 25s 344ms29m 12s 986ms
4646+ (Aids Cave)0m 41s 775ms29m 54s 761ms
4747+ (Aids Cave2)0m 31s 331ms30m 26s 092ms
4848 (waitball)1m 44s 454ms32m 10s 546ms
4949 (RIP)1m 12s 713ms33m 23s 259ms
5050 (Heart of the Hive)0m 39s 316ms34m 02s 575ms
5151 (Begin Part 3)0m 31s 520ms34m 34s 095ms
52520m 34s 736ms35m 08s 831ms
5353 (Taco Time)0m 30s 600ms35m 39s 431ms
5454 (Executioners)0m 48s 311ms36m 27s 742ms
55550m 54s 661ms37m 22s 403ms
5656 (Satan?)
0m 43s 743ms38m 06s 146ms
5757 (Satans?)1m 12s 732ms39m 18s 878ms
5858 (Bone Wurm)0m 52s 917ms40m 11s 795ms
5959 (Leap of Faith)0m 55s 969ms41m 07s 764ms
60600m 52s 065ms41m 59s 829ms
6161 (Double Bone Wurm)1m 31s 990ms43m 31s 819ms
6262 (Satan)1m 34s 151ms45m 05s 970ms
6363 (Deathfield)0m 55s 703ms46m 01s 673ms
6464 (Satan: True Form)1m 43s 901ms47m 45s 574ms
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