All Superstar in 33m 59s 880ms by EBTKSPaddyEBTKSPaddy - 1st place

oh cool, i think we don't need the 3rd digit in the ms timing. weight off my mind.

YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHH SUB 34! what a time of my life. i always thought speedrunners get excited over a silly time being less than it was before even though they get that a lot. well, you make fun of them (not really) until it happens to you too with you and your favorite game. i shook the timer and everything. i genuinely think sub 33 in superstar and sub 30 any% is a real thing after this. i don't really know what to expect because, well, i don't know what to do about this. all i know is, more games, less times, and cement my breakout legacy with the lowest times i can get, and hope someone comes along and brings my spark back. in the meantime, i will try other games for a change, maybe, not sure. wow, still shaking after all this ?

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