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Add Speedrun To Diamond Category

add this category

Ontario, Canada

I suggested this already. It is not allowed for a few reasons.

New York City, NY, USA

As I said last time this was suggested:

"By rules, no matchmaking categories will be added. 'At this time, we are not adding the following:

  • Short/Trivial Games
  • Generic Puzzle Games
  • Generic Typing Games
  • Geography Games
  • Vocabulary/Math and other Educational Games
  • Quiz Games
  • Generic Sudoku Solvers/Minesweeper Remakes/Rubik's Cube Solvers/etc.
  • Visual Novels/Interactive Movies
  • PvP-Related Activities
  • High-Score Based Submissions
  • Non-Video-Game Activities'

While there are in fact a few leaderboards on the site that violate this rule, Brawlhalla will not be one of them."

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