new categorie: every legend one kill per weapon
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new categorie: every legend one kill per weapon
North Brabant, Netherlands

me and GhostWasTaken came up with a idea for a categorie that goes like this u need to have every legend one kill with both weapons for example u have bodvar as legend u need to kill once with hammer and once with sword if u have casidy u need to kill once with hammer and once with blasters and so on we also thought about sub categories such as matchmaking,hard bot medium bot, easy bot, chosen bot and extreem bot oh and also bc bmg wil make more legends we also thought about a limit for example 10 15 25 30 35 45 50 or something like that

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New York City, NY, USA

Glad you're interested in coming up with new categories! If you join the Discord server (link is on the left), we have a whole channel devoted to discussing them.

As for this particular category, I can't say it makes that much sense to me. What's the point, really? Matchmaking isn't going to happen--we will never add any categories with matchmaking--and the other subcategories seem rather dull to me. You'll spend more time navigating menus and loading than you will actually playing the game. When you do load in, you'll just do two quick zero to deaths against a bot (with the exception of the chosen and extreme bots) and then leave. It doesn't sound particularly interesting or fun. I'm also not sure there would be much interest at all. I don't think that many people would actually run this category.

Ontario, Canada

As the guy who speedruns almost every category Official and Unofficial, it does sound interesting but it does lack development in the structure of the run. As with what Cap said, you will spend a lot of time navigating the menus and it makes it a very dull run. If you want me to attempt at the run just ask me on the discord or in my twitch chat next time your there.