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This might be a silly question, and a tad late too as I've already done so in NG+ runs. But as I'm learning Default, I wondered, what of the legality of using Bravely Second, and updating your data with the Internet (these are both in Default and Second), allowing you to get help from other random players, even with a chance of getting insanely overpowered AOEs to use anytime.

And we all know what Bravely Second does as a game mechanic. Nothing is stated in the rules about either ability - they're both in-game mechanics that the games give you free access to and expects you to use. But at the same time, if you had, say, max SP and update your data and RNG blesses you with a 999k AOE person, you can completely nuke whatever fight of your choosing. Stuff like that. I'm basically saying, it might seem unfair to outsiders or even just other runners.

So, I'm curious to know what the community/mods think. Thanks 🙂