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Ever consider adding individual level times for the various Burning Laps in the game?

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This would be awesome!
Sadly you can't play a custom Burning lap from the menu, but only from the "campaign".
So my idea would be to add some or all of the campaign burning laps for all the levels.


I feel so weird as because this is my first post on here. I think that is what they are talking about. However I feel like there be not only all burning lap events, but including the preview events. (im watching you TheSweMaster…. there can only be one best swede in revenge)


now counting them out... there are 13 burning laps plus 8 previews events... that is a lot of categories if adding them as individually. (this is not including have them separated for hardware)


This has now been added.
Go submit your runs everyone!



We need more people so we could compete with each other