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I originally asked these on the main speedrun forum but was referred to here. There are 4 questions.

-1: There are times when i can play for one session straight but have to take breaks (requiring a pause), or in some cases, have to stop and quit (such as going to work or sleeping), Is the run dead if i resume from wherever the junkyard spawns me or can i keep going?

-2: Since i have no way to have a flawless recording from my console (and have to rely on Mixer), parts of the recording lag and/or freeze (requiring a refresh while i'm paused), will these drop it dead or can i jumpcut in the recording and it still counts?

-3: Do i need to have the typical overlay that breaks down each run's section with a run timer or is that completely optional?

-4: Is it possible to submit the same run into multiple sections? In my run, i'm breaking it down into parts, map discovery, collectibles, and events. I've noticed that car 100% also has a section for 120 billboards.

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1. RTA / Real Time Attack - A speedrun done in real time. So you run would be dead or the timer would keep going as it is paused.

2. If you are playing on PS4 I would recommend just streaming from the console. You can get there by clicking SHARE option on your controller going to broadcast gameplay pick which sites you would like to streamer it to from for example Twitch/Youtube or dailymotion etc. If you got good enough internet or even if you don't you could mess around with the quality settings and give that a try. Also Im pretty sure Xbox1 has a equivalent streaming service so look into that if you got one.

3. The splits/timers/overlay all of that stuff are completely optional.

4. Yes, lets say for example you did a Any% Cars run you submitted it. The run can be broken down into highlights and submitted as smaller runs in obtained A/B/C/D license categories located in miscellaneous categories section. Not sure how optimal it would be in a 100% run since you are doing a lot of stuff through out the whole run but it would probably still be accepted as a run if submitted.

Any more question feel to ask here or check out the discord linked below


Thank you. I did join the Discord before coming to the forum. No one in the BPR channel answered.

Xbox has something called Mixer. It's built in and it's what replaced Twitch. Funny enough, we just got faster net. Xbox also has something called "Game DVR" but that sucks. It either records 1 minute with audio or it records 5 minutes with no audio.

Now that i know the facts, i'll have to restart my run.

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