What should the Full Game Paradise/BSI Cars Only rules be?
1 month ago
United States

I'd like some feedback from runners on this. At the moment, no runs have been done for this category, but there are people planning to run it soon so now's the time to set the rules in stone.

I've thought of three options (if you have more ideas, feel free to share):

  1. Restrict the mainland portion of runs to Paradise Cars only and the island portion to BSI Cars only. (In other words, make Full Game runs identical to running Main Game PCO + Big Surf Island BSICO.)
  2. Restrict the mainland portion of runs to Paradise Cars, but allow both Paradise and BSI Cars in the island portion. (This is how the original game's Without DLC category works.)
  3. Allow Paradise Cars and BSI Cars to be used freely throughout both the mainland and island portions of the run.

What do you think we should do?

I think options 2 and 3 are the best choices. Option 3 gives more freedom though.

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Champagne-Ardenne, France

At 1st I was a bit confused but allowing both Paradise City and Big Surf cars anywhere during a full game all collectibles makes the most sense to me. (so 3)

I would argue that if you do 1, you have to exclusively make it BSI CSICO into PC PCO, and allow people to use that area for whatever, but all of the events, exploration, etc have to have been completed already. I just don't like the idea of being disqualified because I use the bridge at some point with the wrong car lol.

I think 2 is completely fine, there are very few reasons to bring a BSI car outside of BSI, and that restriction wouldn't have much of a downside.

I however prefer 3, if the idea is you're playing the game with only the BSI DLC, it's really just a no car DLC run. That being BSI isn't a car DLC and is actual content.

I think 1 is too hard to police, 2 is fine, 3 is what I would prefer.

As we know with my run, I should have done BSI events first as it would have saved 30+ minutes.

I am fine with whatever is decided as well.

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United States

I've implemented the 3rd option into the rules after unanimous consensus among runners. This thread will be left open for further feedback until the first run under this category is verified.

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