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Hi, I'm new into speedrunning in general and my english is not very good so sorry if my question is stupid and/or badly written. Basically, I don't know how to keep my timer (LiveSplit) over the game. It works for other games but not for Burnout, and there's no way to put the game in windowed mode. So is there a trick to keep it over, or is it hopeless ?


It seems like the only way to enable windowed mode is to use DxWnd, though I haven't tried it myself. There might be programs out there that can also force windows to stay on top if you prefer that. I personally use two monitors, so I don't have much experience with this.


I have no idea how DxWnd works for this game but at least with lego games, DxWnd causes issues with physics. I would advise to be careful with it and experiment how it works with the game. Using a second monitor is usually the best option.


Thank you guys for the replies. I knew for DxWnd, and I keep it as mys last option because I prefer to avoid using programs I don't know, so yeah... I might end up doing a speedrun while using a timer on my phone as a "preview" of my time, and then record a timer that I'll synchronise with my run. It's complicated but the Bike% really is optimizable and it's cheaper and safer than buy a second monitor/use DxWnd. Thank you guys


@aixPenta Sorry im so late on see this

By the looks of ur profile being new u probably have seen videos of splits an gameplay on one screen and want ur setup to look that well u technically can't on one monitor unless its windowed but this doesn't mean u can't run the game fullscreen with splits u probably need to turn on global hotkeys on Livesplit settings somewhere that makes it so u can split as ur game when open on top of Livesplit (U probably can't see ur splits or time & make sure the key u bindin are different keys used from in game ) this is what I do sometimes and probably what others do that don't have more than one monitor. U can also use OBS to setup ur splits and gameplay as u record/stream it all on one screen so u get the out come ur going for.

Since ur new the timer may seem like a big deal u don't need it all that much when u first start out It just later on when it comes to optimizing faster runs its needed more to help know when ur in red but yea u could just add it in after like u mentioned or use ur phone to time is another good option


Hey, thank you for your reply. Basically, when I saw the Bike% run, I thought that I could beat it, tried using my phone as a timer, and beat it by a good margin. So I got really hyped obviously and wanted to do a proper run, without looking deeply into how to properly set up LiveSplit...

I didn't know what global hotkeys were when I was configuring LiveSplit, so now that I know, yes it works ! I don't care to see my time as I am playing, so that's a great solution, thank you very much for helping me out with a dumb question in the end (since I just needed to turn on one thing in LiveSplit settings). Now the question is, will my connection hold the upload of a almost 2 hours long run, but you can't help me with that... Thank you very much to all of you !


No problem bud glad i could be of assistance. About the thing about ur internet connection not being so good when it comes to uploading you should try getting HandBrake its a free video file size reducer that pretty cuts ur video file size in half and its done completely offline no internet needed at all. Only thing that may be a bit hard about using this program is it may take a long time when it comes to reducing the file sizes if you what it in high quality or getting use to it if new to it but tbh this video pretty much goes over everything

Tutorial -
Download -


Hey, super late reply, but fwiw, DxWnd works great with the game. đŸ™‚