"You think your opinion is more important than an other person because you are so important and so famous[...]"
It's not, everything I've said echoes the ruleset put in place by the mods

"[...]and it's my responsibility to prove that my opinion is logical because you don't know who i am[...]"
Yes, it is.

"[...]it's a joke?"
no, it's not.

"In the rule it's written that you need to be septical and bash someone when you don't have arguments?"
Someone with no times on sr.c, no twitch, youtube or even twitter linked to their account and their only interaction on the site are through the forums? Tell me honestly why anybody in their right mind would take you seriously. Harsh as it is, I explained why that's an issue in this post http://www.speedrun.com/botw/thread/a2cc5/6#rloqp


"Still there are several people who don't run the game and still voice their opinion in a rather loud and intrusive way, you cannot deny that. "

I would never try to deny that, nor can I say that soya isn't one of those people - I have no means of proving that, nor is that particularly important to me. The presumption of such is what I have a problem with. There are many people with a well informed opinion that do not have a name on the leader boards. I do not currently have any times submitted, but I am fairly well informed on BotW speedrunning, keep up with it regularly, and know a good amount about moderating speedrun.com leader boards, though only being a moderator in smaller communities myself. I find the overwhelming favor given to some people over others when taking opinion is unjust.

I certainly agree that those evidently running the game, and those with experience with moderating Zelda speedrunning should be held highly when it comes to matters of opinion, even over newer runners or those with knowledge and experience - but unsubmitted times. I would argue that demeaning these players is the wrong way to go about this, and that their opinion still holds great value - especially if you have no background on these players.

I understand there are many who do argue for the sake of arguing, and I wouldn't be quick to deny that soya is indeed one of those people. However, being grouped in with such people myself, I find the approach taken to such people is regrettable.


I agree with you and thats what I said: ("Of course we shouldn't lump together all of these people").

A name on the leaderboards isn't important. I think contribution and actual interest showing are important.

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