Any% in 26m 26s 867ms by rasenurnsrasenurns (Obsolete)

Major mistakes were not getting unloaded and missing the laser parry. Everything else was solid. Although can be 10 seconds or a tad more better, I'm so happy with this.

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Name Duration Finished at
Enter Stasis 2m 55s 000ms 2m 55s 906ms
Stasis 1m 21s 000ms 4m 17s 672ms
Enter Cryonis 1m 55s 000ms 6m 13s 656ms
Cryonis 1m 10s 000ms 7m 23s 803ms
Enter Magnesis 1m 11s 000ms 8m 35s 138ms
Magnesis 1m 18s 000ms 9m 53s 568ms
Enter Bombs 1m 11s 000ms 11m 05s 311ms
Bombs 1m 12s 000ms 12m 17s 906ms
Paraglider 1m 40s 000ms 13m 58s 623ms
Enter Blights 4m 45s 000ms 18m 44s 252ms
-Water Blight 1m 02s 000ms 19m 46s 510ms
-Fire Blight 0m 57s 000ms 20m 43s 703ms
Blights Done 0m 54s 000ms 21m 38s 509ms
Calamity Ganon 2m 12s 000ms 23m 51s 333ms
The Horse SURVIVED 2m 35s 000ms 26m 27s 075ms
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