100% - Extended in 29h 07m 01s 780ms by SpecsNStats - 1st place

LOTS of room for improvement with select shrines, where i lost between 3-6 minutes in. Also, WTF Riju Softlock?

Mod note: Retimed to 29:07:01.780 (–0:01:07.820 for the opening cutscene and –0:00:00.400 for the Shiekah Slate load) - Sigmaphied

Mode: Normal Mode

Method: RTA

Played on Wii U [USA] on

Submitted by SpecsNStats on

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Name Duration Finished at
Plateau Tower 6m 07s 580ms 6m 07s 580ms
1. Magnesis 4m 18s 240ms 10m 25s 820ms
3. Cryonis 5m 42s 718ms 16m 08s 539ms
3. Stasis 3m 03s 354ms 19m 11s 893ms
3. Bombs 3m 00s 259ms 22m 12s 152ms
Paraglider 2m 17s 232ms 24m 29s 385ms
11. Wahgo Katta 11m 08s 512ms 35m 37s 897ms
Dueling Peaks Tower 4m 46s 909ms 40m 24s 807ms
16. Shee Vaneer 5m 59s 234ms 46m 24s 041ms
20. Daka Tuss 8m 29s 540ms 54m 53s 582ms
29. Shai Utoh 26m 38s 906ms 1h 21m 32s 488ms
Faron Tower 4m 27s 474ms 1h 25m 59s 963ms
34. Ka'o Makagh 13m 38s 779ms 1h 39m 38s 742ms
36. Shee Venath 2m 43s 952ms 1h 42m 22s 694ms
37. Ree Dahee 2m 30s 857ms 1h 44m 53s 552ms
37. Ha Dahamar 2m 33s 369ms 1h 47m 26s 922ms
46. Kam Urog 14m 20s 265ms 2h 01m 47s 187ms
Hateno Tower 7m 57s 318ms 2h 09m 44s 505ms
58. Myahm Agana 6m 36s 056ms 2h 16m 20s 562ms
60. Taloh Na'eg 22m 32s 467ms 2h 38m 53s 029ms
60. Lakna Rokee 7m 10s 459ms 2h 46m 03s 489ms
60. Hila Rao 4m 04s 252ms 2h 50m 07s 741ms
74. Katah Chuki 16m 17s 729ms 3h 06m 25s 471ms
79. Noya Neha 5m 30s 891ms 3h 11m 56s 363ms
97. Monya Toma 35m 59s 561ms 3h 47m 55s 924ms
99. Maag No'rah 2m 55s 752ms 3h 50m 51s 677ms
Ridgeland Tower 4m 00s 971ms 3h 54m 52s 649ms
106. Toh Yahsa 7m 59s 837ms 4h 02m 52s 486ms
112. Shae Loya 8m 27s 940ms 4h 11m 20s 427ms
114. Akh Va'quot 9m 51s 103ms 4h 21m 11s 530ms
115. Sha Warvo 5m 30s 977ms 4h 26m 42s 508ms
Dumbass Bird 9m 54s 593ms 4h 36m 37s 101ms
121. Zalta Wa 7m 16s 843ms 4h 43m 53s 945ms
124. Sheem Dagoze 4m 47s 180ms 4h 48m 41s 125ms
130. Mijah Rokee 9m 25s 069ms 4h 58m 06s 195ms
143. Mogg Latan 10m 48s 738ms 5h 08m 54s 933ms
Wasteland Tower 12m 31s 157ms 5h 21m 26s 091ms
163. Korsh O'hu 5m 20s 014ms 5h 26m 46s 106ms
165. Kay Noh 5m 23s 961ms 5h 32m 10s 068ms
167. Dako Tah 6m 17s 083ms 5h 38m 27s 151ms
169. Daqo Chisay 3m 35s 345ms 5h 42m 02s 497ms
175. Sho Dantu 25m 10s 546ms 6h 07m 13s 043ms
178. Kuh Takkar 7m 47s 300ms 6h 15m 00s 344ms
191. Keeha Yoog 20m 18s 365ms 6h 35m 18s 710ms
Gerudo Tower 15m 38s 873ms 6h 50m 57s 584ms
208. Sasa Kai 4m 08s 795ms 6h 55m 06s 379ms
Shit Camel 13m 00s 289ms 7h 08m 06s 668ms
209. Raqa Zunzo 9m 51s 542ms 7h 17m 58s 211ms
221. Kaya Wan 24m 00s 800ms 7h 41m 59s 012ms
227. Sheh Rata 12m 27s 352ms 7h 54m 26s 364ms
Lanayru Tower 3m 03s 529ms 7h 57m 29s 894ms
227. Soh Kofi 2m 20s 626ms 7h 59m 50s 520ms
230. Ne'ez Yohma 11m 35s 953ms 8h 11m 26s 474ms
Fucktard Elephant 11m 03s 405ms 8h 22m 29s 879ms
235. Dah Hesho 8m 53s 878ms 8h 31m 23s 757ms
246. Katosa Aug 17m 27s 277ms 8h 48m 51s 035ms
252. Tu Ka'loh 7m 46s 586ms 8h 56m 37s 622ms
256. Mo'a Keet 11m 11s 081ms 9h 07m 48s 703ms
257. Tah Mulh 2m 25s 455ms 9h 10m 14s 159ms
263. Sah Dahaj 4m 52s 497ms 9h 15m 06s 657ms
270. Qua Raym 9m 17s 648ms 9h 24m 24s 305ms
Eldin Tower 1m 56s 345ms 9h 26m 20s 650ms
280. Shae Mo'sah 16m 16s 858ms 9h 42m 37s 509ms
282. Shora Hah 6m 56s 398ms 9h 49m 33s 907ms
286. Daka Koh 8m 09s 414ms 9h 57m 43s 321ms
Lizard Bitch 14m 05s 384ms 10h 11m 48s 706ms
287. Etsu Korima 9m 44s 982ms 10h 21m 33s 688ms
287. Ruvo Korbah 5m 41s 326ms 10h 27m 15s 014ms
287. Rohta Chigah 3m 16s 719ms 10h 30m 31s 734ms
287. Yowaka Ita 4m 27s 219ms 10h 34m 58s 953ms
301. Bosh Kala 12m 31s 576ms 10h 47m 30s 530ms
337. Mezza Lo 27m 34s 489ms 11h 15m 05s 020ms
344. Rucco Maag 6m 25s 413ms 11h 21m 30s 433ms
353. Shai Yota 12m 15s 321ms 11h 33m 45s 754ms
368. Dila Maag 19m 04s 161ms 11h 52m 49s 916ms
368. Kihiro Moh 4m 48s 831ms 11h 57m 38s 747ms
385. Tho Kayu 26m 49s 002ms 12h 24m 27s 750ms
385. Misae Suma 8m 32s 955ms 12h 33m 00s 706ms
385. Hawa Koth 2m 11s 269ms 12h 35m 11s 975ms
385. Kema Zoos - -
385. Takama Shiri - -
385. Keive Tala 5m 10s 815ms 12h 40m 22s 790ms
RIP Thunderblight 3m 52s 788ms 12h 44m 15s 578ms
389. Bareeda Naag 12m 34s 048ms 12h 56m 49s 627ms
389. Voo Lota 6m 32s 290ms 13h 03m 21s 918ms
402. Rin Oyaa 14m 17s 497ms 13h 17m 39s 416ms
Hebra Tower 4m 18s 435ms 13h 21m 57s 851ms
408. Gee Harah 4m 13s 451ms 13h 26m 11s 302ms
410. Shira Gomar 6m 09s 419ms 13h 32m 20s 722ms
414. Dunba Taag 9m 02s 430ms 13h 41m 23s 153ms
418. Noe Rajee 8m 04s 524ms 13h 49m 27s 677ms
420. Shada Naw 8m 01s 286ms 13h 57m 28s 964ms
422. Goma Asaagh 4m 02s 749ms 14h 01m 31s 713ms
423. Kiah Toza 4m 02s 887ms 14h 05m 34s 601ms
425. Rok Uwog 2m 56s 925ms 14h 08m 31s 527ms
RIP Windblight 9m 52s 642ms 14h 18m 24s 170ms
439. Dagah Keek 30m 11s 716ms 14h 48m 35s 886ms
439. Sato Koda 5m 02s 963ms 14h 53m 38s 850ms
440. Mah Eliya 4m 06s 105ms 14h 57m 44s 956ms
451. Kenai Shakah 14m 52s 811ms 15h 12m 37s 768ms
452. Kee Dafunia 6m 26s 747ms 15h 19m 04s 515ms
456. Kah Mael 5m 15s 679ms 15h 24m 20s 194ms
461. Ritaag Zumo 5m 47s 528ms 15h 30m 07s 723ms
RIP Waterblight 4m 09s 410ms 15h 34m 17s 133ms
461. Shoda Sah 8m 48s 355ms 15h 43m 05s 489ms
477. Tawa Jinn 34m 25s 745ms 16h 17m 31s 235ms
479. Qukah Nata 5m 29s 411ms 16h 23m 00s 647ms
485. Yah Rin 7m 00s 852ms 16h 30m 01s 499ms
498. Muwo Jeem 18m 08s 844ms 16h 48m 10s 344ms
500. Chaas Queta 3m 46s 066ms 16h 51m 56s 410ms
501. Korgu Chideh 7m 42s 892ms 16h 59m 39s 303ms
506. Kah Yah 11m 37s 576ms 17h 11m 16s 880ms
506. Kayra Mah 10m 19s 862ms 17h 21m 36s 742ms
509. Rinu Honika 7m 23s 573ms 17h 29m 00s 315ms
513. Kamia Omuna 9m 45s 960ms 17h 38m 46s 276ms
513. Sharo Lun 5m 13s 058ms 17h 43m 59s 334ms
RIP Fireblight 3m 46s 819ms 17h 47m 46s 154ms
528. Namika Ozz 15m 45s 137ms 18h 03m 31s 292ms
549. Saas Ko'sah 19m 55s 716ms 18h 23m 27s 008ms
Dead Pig 1 12m 45s 850ms 18h 36m 12s 859ms
559. Kuhn Sidajj 8m 21s 165ms 18h 44m 34s 024ms
559. Daag Chokah 10m 11s 894ms 18h 54m 45s 918ms
559. Keo Ruug 10m 06s 024ms 19h 04m 51s 943ms
559. Maag Halan 11m 34s 525ms 19h 16m 26s 469ms
Beginners Trials 14m 41s 483ms 19h 31m 07s 952ms
Middle Trials 13m 44s 895ms 19h 44m 52s 848ms
Final Trials 23m 40s 713ms 20h 08m 33s 561ms
Woodland Tower 6m 00s 645ms 20h 14m 34s 206ms
561. Mirro Shaz 4m 58s 785ms 20h 19m 32s 992ms
Maz Koshia 21m 31s 118ms 20h 41m 04s 110ms
567. Sha Gehma 13m 41s 084ms 20h 54m 45s 194ms
570. Qaza Tokki 4m 49s 849ms 20h 59m 35s 043ms
575. Ketoh Wawai 7m 39s 277ms 21h 07m 14s 320ms
584. Gorae Torr 11m 33s 639ms 21h 18m 47s 960ms
585. Zuna Kai 3m 38s 259ms 21h 22m 26s 220ms
597. Tutsuwa Nima 19m 07s 459ms 21h 41m 33s 680ms
603. Ze Kasho 12m 20s 890ms 21h 53m 54s 570ms
Akkala Tower 3m 53s 961ms 21h 57m 48s 532ms
626. Kaam Yatak 18m 29s 474ms 22h 16m 18s 007ms
Central Tower 3m 22s 047ms 22h 19m 40s 054ms
651. Hia Miu 20m 49s 906ms 22h 40m 29s 960ms
654. To Quomo 6m 57s 837ms 22h 47m 27s 798ms
665. Maka Rah 13m 30s 775ms 23h 00m 58s 574ms
672. Mozo Shenno 10m 11s 464ms 23h 11m 10s 038ms
686. Lanno Kooh 11m 46s 759ms 23h 22m 56s 797ms
Tabantha Tower 10m 34s 082ms 23h 33m 30s 880ms
704. Tena Ko'sah 10m 56s 739ms 23h 44m 27s 620ms
707.. Kah Okeo 4m 17s 725ms 23h 48m 45s 345ms
739. Rota Ooh 50m 13s 993ms 24h 38m 59s 338ms
743. Dah Kaso 3m 26s 728ms 24h 42m 26s 067ms
749. Jee Noh 6m 52s 277ms 24h 49m 18s 344ms
751. Joloo Nah 9m 18s 983ms 24h 58m 37s 328ms
758. Tahno O'ah 22m 00s 893ms 25h 20m 38s 221ms
762. Jitan Sa'mi 10m 25s 655ms 25h 31m 03s 877ms
775. Dow Na'eh 16m 59s 059ms 25h 48m 02s 936ms
799. Shoqa Tatone 37m 42s 137ms 26h 25m 45s 073ms
812. Suma Sahma 12m 32s 264ms 26h 38m 17s 338ms
813. Ishto Soh 2m 37s 281ms 26h 40m 54s 620ms
828. Ya Naga 20m 48s 089ms 27h 01m 42s 709ms
Lake Tower - -
846. Pumaag Nitae 16m 49s 983ms 27h 18m 32s 693ms
861. Shae Katha 10m 59s 216ms 27h 29m 31s 909ms
881. Toto Sah 23m 07s 680ms 27h 52m 39s 590ms
891. Kema Kosassa 11m 34s 661ms 28h 04m 14s 252ms
899. Rona Katcha 9m 30s 255ms 28h 13m 44s 507ms
99.99% 47m 29s 711ms 29h 01m 14s 219ms
Dead Pig 6m 55s 845ms 29h 08m 10s 064ms
Dead Pig 11m 08s 024ms 29h 19m 18s 088ms