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I wrote a script to brute force Charabom battles a while back: ( ) It's coded specific to Andlar and Pteradon, but could easily be generalized. The results are at the end of the post. The charabom fights in the gba bomberman appear to follow the same mechanics.

RPGodfather: In your latest run, you chose the wrong action order for the Pteradon battle. I believe all combinations of attack patterns in my run are optimal both for theoretically fastest and most chance of winning fights and mashability, so I'd recommend referencing those. You need level 17 andlar for 51 HP and then some combination of attack and special meeting the requirements at the end of the post. Also, are you playing on gamecube, white wii, or black wii? I'm just curious on the details, I've never tested black wii for this game.

Also check this out, dunno if anything there is useful:

The rest of this post is a copy paste of a PM I wrote to sio-kedelic a while back. sio-kedelic and I were disputing the viability of one particular potion, I tend to think he was correct, but my post below not reflect this. In my route listed here, the one lightening card out of the way in the glacier level and the associated stats can be traded out for a different lightening card and other stats.

Route: 1-1, 3-1, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 3-2, 2-5, 2-6, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 3-3, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6.

I intend to finish 3-2 without pommy. It saves about 20 seconds or so and I think the glitch can be done somewhat reliably if you pay close attention to where the guy is when laying the bombs.

Expected time saved with this route:
20 seconds from finishing 3-2 without pommy. (Calculated pretty accurately.)
15 seconds from better stat routing. (I calculated this one pretty heavily.)
Hopefully 10+ seconds between 1-2 and 3-1 by not collecting stats in 1-2 and also having pommy in 1-2. (This is kind of a guess at the moment. I know the beginning cycle is set, but the later ones are hard to predict.)

I can probably compare the total times of our 1-2 and 3-1 and see who comes out ahead. I have to account for the fact that you opted to grab the potions in 1-2 and 3-1 obviously.

I can say for certain that even if I did go to 1-2 after 1-1, I would not get the potion. The potion in 3-1 that requires water bombs is only 2 seconds faster than some of the stats I am getting. The only real benefit possible would be getting stats in 1-2 instead of 3-1. I think it would be slower though. I spend about 11 seconds collecting stats in 3-1. I'm fairly confident that using pommy in 1-2 and having speed will save more than that.

My Stegodon fight has a 1/3 chance of ending on turn 2 and otherwise ends on turn 4.
My Kai-Man fight usually ends on turn 4 or 5, but it can rarely take until turn 7 if I recall correctly.

I'll still time 1-2 completed with pommy and compare all of the relevant information. It only modifies my route slightly.

You'll note also that I don't get the extra speed in 1-1. I think it is slower.

I did a rough test of speed values for speed stats 1-6.

1: 10 (Getting a pair of boots would save 1s every 6s.)
2: 12 (Getting a pair of boots would save 1s every 7s.)
3: 14 (Getting a pair of boots would save 1s every 8s.)
4: 16 (Getting a pair of boots would save 1s every 9s.)
5: 18 (Getting a pair of boots would save 1s every 10s.)
6: 20

Second column is either time for powerup or type of Charabom stat. X is random stat or no stat. N is "don't get that last stat."

bomb beginning 2
speed beginning 3
bomb right after rock 1.5
bomb by next stump 2
STATS Andlar 1,2,3,4
speed after log 3
STATS Second log X,X,heart

firepower beginning right 2
speed with potion 1
STATS Beginning A
bomb up from double 2
STATS Before Kick 1,
2nd half of level
bomb by sand pole 1
speed after two poles 1
speed by other pole 1
firepower by last pole 1
firepower after door 2

STATS Kai Man 1,2,3,4
STATS Before Boulder X
STATS By Fish Switch X,X,X

STATS Beginning A
STATS Before Ship 1 X,X
STATS Ligon X,A,4,3,1,2
STATS Vortex 1,2,3,N
STATS Around Big Ship 1,3,X

STATS Present X
STATS Glacier 3,3,4,A
firepower Glacier
STATS Down Ramp 1,2,3,N
STATS After Ramp 3,4
STATS End Potion A

STATS Right of switch 3,N

Final Andlar stats going into Pteradon: 13,14,19,14 and 15 random drops.

Moveset: Skillfully, Get Wild!, Other

The script suggests I use Skillfully first. It is because the Round 2 attacks that cause me to lose give less possibility for certain moves to be chosen in certain places Round 1. Because of the move choices, he actually has a very low chance of defending first two turns in a row (2/30), so it makes sense to special first on turn 1 and it actually gains wins in the 64/120 battles. In the 68/120 battles I don't think it matters what is chosen first. Get Wild! is the obvious second round choice, and some fights need the extra attack to kill.

Atk, Spec Atk, Probability of winning out of 120.
//22 18 = 56
//19,19 = 68
//18,20 = 68
///17,20 = 64
//16,20 = 64
//17,21 = 68
//13,21 = 64
//16,22 = 68
//12,22 = 64
//15,23 = 68

Edit: See also, this video:

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yea since you came in and told me, I have been selecting Skillfully, Get Wild, and Raid/Gaurd