Emulator settings for runs should be : (1) Config > Speed/Skip has "Skip 0/never" is checked (2) Config > Profiles is set to "Tool-assisted Speedruns" (3) After starting the game, in GBA > Core is set to mGBA (4) GBA > Settings... has Skip BIOS set to False (5) Config > Customize > General > "Run in background" is checked (should be by default) (6) GBA BIOS isn't included, as it's illegal to share these online. Using it is recommended, however, runs done without it are still allowed, as we haven't noticed any difference in terms of FPS, Lag, and IGT. (external link)

By Whoever made BizHawk






Solar Sensor Patches

Allows you to play without a solar sensor, thus making emulator a thing. (external link)

By Prof9

Translation patch (english)

Almost everything is translated. Password and Name Entry menus are broken a bit : you need to press Start to reach the Confirm option. In one of the menus, STR and SPR are inverted, however it's only a visual error. (external link)

By "Spikeman"