8 months ago
Seward, AK, USA

The Rule Overhaul is here! For each game, we will have 2-3 Google forums for you to fill out with your thoughts on what we think are the most important rule changes. Today we're starting with Bo3 and this will be up until 11-9-23. In this forum, you'll be asked to vote either "Yes" or "No" for a variety of different rules and at the end you'll also be asked if there are any other rule suggestions we should consider, these will be added in the next vote. The rules suggested in this have already been added to Bo3, this is just to have another way of viewing them and are subject to change depending on the votes from the forums. Most of them are also from ZWR directly, so if we missed any feel free to add them in your suggestions in the forum. If you have any questions please DM me or any other staff members! (Also you're required to sign in to fill this out, this is just to keep people from skewing the results)

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