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Thread: Site Bugs

Started by: ZephilesZephiles


Thank you! That seems to have worked. Not sure how all of the sudden that got checked as default but it seems to be fixed.


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Thread: Site Bugs

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

I'm a mod for the Star Wars Rogue Squadron leaderboards and we're having an issue with our IL board. It seems many of the times submitted have gone missing, even from active users and ones with video verification.

Take for example the second mission and under V-wing, there are 14 users tied for the top time, see image

When you go to the leaderboard for that mission it looks like this

It has happened with every IL on the board. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix or restore the board?


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Thread: New categories?

Started by: QuasarboosterQuasarbooster

100% would be getting all the bonus and secret objectives in a run, but just because it isn't listed currently doesn't mean you can't do and submit a run. It can always be added.


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Thread: Skipping Cutscenes Any%

Started by: ZojalyxZojalyx

Cutscenes can't be skipped in any%, which is why I only ran the NG+ Category. It's nice to see people trying the basic Any% though.


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Thread: Where do xbox runs go?

Started by: KTthecreeperKTthecreeper

Yes, they would go in with the PS2 at the moment. If you can prove a clear difference is hardware function such as loading times are different or there are different glitches I can make a separate category.


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Thread: All Bonus Missions

Started by: ZojalyxZojalyx

I believe there was talk of doing IL leaderboards but not enough people actively run this. You want an Any% w/ All bonus missions category though?


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Thread: Why is the default sorting for real-game time?

Started by: Tigger77Tigger77

I would say it's in RTA because the first two games are run in RTA but I agree that there are quite a few variances when in comes to versions so I have made the rankings based on In-Game time. This will make things even for everyone.


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Thread: Time difference between Console and EMU

Started by: bmac_attack_64bmac_attack_64

Hi guys, I started doing a few runs in the Cheat/any%. I've been playing on console and noticed a significant time difference between my load times and the EMU times. I did some testing, there's a 3 second difference before you even gain control of your character at start. There is also roughly a 9 second difference in the loading between levels. The total coming out to around 2 minutes 18 seconds time lost on PS2. Can you please divide the category, and I'll submit my time.


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Thread: any% cheat?

Started by: prydepryde

I have a question for Pryde. For an Any% run, why do you include the Revenge of the Sith level, which is an alternate ending. Shouldn't the run end at Friendship in Flames which is when the credits roll? I think you should adjust your time.


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Thread: Definition of 100%

Started by: zewingzewing

@StarFalco64 Please reach out to me on Twitch or Discord. I have some questions/concerns about some of your submitted speedruns for Star Wars games. Not sure how else to contact you.


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

I am requesting to be a Mod for the Star Wars Rogue Squadron Series. The Mod for RS is good but the Mod for RS2 and RS3 is often MIA. its been three weeks since he's last signed on to, over a year and a half since he's submitted a run for any game. I've reached out to him on twitch no response. He has been inactive from there for months if not a year or more.

RS3 in particular needs rules assigned and submission info updated, along with a run of mine to approve.