Any% (Normal) in 24m 39s by delcake - 5th place

Been a while, but managed to slam out a new PB thanks to the Red-3 bomb jump and some good boss fights.

Played on Nintendo 64 [USA] on

Submitted by delcake on

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Name Duration Finished at
Touchable Garbage 2m 16s 615ms 2m 16s 615ms
Totally not Foreshadowing 0m 36s 791ms 2m 53s 406ms
To Have or Have Not 2m 19s 493ms 5m 12s 900ms
Bilbo Swaggins 0m 47s 490ms 6m 00s 390ms
Switches and Bridges 0m 59s 910ms 7m 00s 300ms
Vs. Artemis 0m 37s 307ms 7m 37s 608ms
Pump it Up! 0m 50s 668ms 8m 28s 276ms
Sewer Savage 0m 54s 045ms 9m 22s 321ms
Hot on the Trail 1m 15s 419ms 10m 37s 741ms
Run-Crippling Depression 0m 34s 721ms 11m 12s 462ms
On the Right Track 1m 04s 307ms 12m 16s 770ms
Hot Avenger 0m 50s 374ms 13m 07s 144ms
Freezeezy Peaks? 1m 40s 448ms 14m 47s 593ms
Vs. Regulus 0m 40s 665ms 15m 28s 258ms
Shiny Sippery Icy Floor 1m 33s 827ms 17m 02s 085ms
Cold Killers 0m 48s 904ms 17m 50s 990ms
Go for Broke 1m 49s 285ms 19m 40s 275ms
High-Tech H*cker 1m 10s 665ms 20m 50s 941ms
Trap Tower 2m 37s 003ms 23m 27s 945ms
Vs. Altair 1m 11s 344ms 24m 39s 289ms