120 Cards in 1h 37m 41s by delcakedelcake - 6th place

I've started practicing this category on stream lately, and things finally came together enough for me to submit! Still some large errors for me to correct, but I had a much cleaner-than-normal Rainbow Palace!

Played on Nintendo 64 [USA] on

Submitted by delcakedelcake on

Verified by livelyraccoonlivelyraccoon on


Name Duration Finished at
Green 1 5m 51s 000ms 5m 51s 055ms
Green 1 Time Card 1m 55s 000ms 7m 46s 823ms
Sirius 0m 54s 000ms 8m 41s 152ms
Green 3 5m 26s 000ms 14m 08s 132ms
Green 3 Time Card 2m 24s 000ms 16m 32s 195ms
Draco 1m 23s 000ms 17m 55s 261ms
Blue 1 4m 27s 000ms 22m 22s 339ms
Blue 1 Time Card 0m 51s 000ms 23m 14s 051ms
Artemis 1m 18s 000ms 24m 32s 449ms
Blue 3 4m 49s 000ms 29m 22s 192ms
Blue 3 Time Card 0m 48s 000ms 30m 10s 716ms
Leviathan 1m 56s 000ms 32m 06s 877ms
Red 1 4m 05s 000ms 36m 12s 355ms
Red 1 Time Card 1m 12s 000ms 37m 24s 433ms
Orion 1m 00s 000ms 38m 25s 346ms
Red 3 4m 54s 000ms 43m 20s 072ms
Red 3 Time Card 1m 16s 000ms 44m 36s 243ms
Hades 1m 14s 000ms 45m 50s 251ms
White 1 5m 55s 000ms 51m 45s 525ms
White 1 Time Card 1m 35s 000ms 53m 21s 195ms
Regulus 2m 15s 000ms 55m 36s 923ms
White 3 5m 05s 000ms 1h 00m 42s 496ms
White 3 Time Card 1m 36s 000ms 1h 02m 18s 697ms
Mantis 1m 24s 000ms 1h 03m 43s 300ms
Black 1 4m 19s 000ms 1h 08m 02s 702ms
Harvester 1m 25s 000ms 1h 09m 27s 731ms
Black 3 7m 25s 000ms 1h 16m 52s 926ms
Black 3 Time Card 2m 50s 000ms 1h 19m 43s 113ms
Altair 1m 54s 000ms 1h 21m 37s 707ms
Rainbow 1 Time Card 1m 25s 000ms 1h 23m 02s 973ms
Rainbow 1 5m 26s 000ms 1h 28m 29s 353ms
Spellmaker 2m 58s 000ms 1h 31m 28s 281ms
Rainbow 3 4m 04s 000ms 1h 35m 33s 267ms
Final Battle 2m 08s 000ms 1h 37m 41s 931ms
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