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Thread: A Very Important Question

Started by: SizzylSizzyl

When you try to submit a run it says "Emulators are banned", thats likely as Wii U emulators are currently super inaccurate


Forum: Newer Super Mario Bros. DS

Thread: Newer DS Box art

Started by: R0mainR0main

Just updated it! I did change it a bit tho, the ?-block is now behind the Nintendo DS logo as it normally is on official cover ^^

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Forum: Super Mario Party

Thread: Some Great Catagory Ideas

Started by: SizzylSizzyl

I think skipping challenges should be banned as you can't skip any after you beat the challenge road (obviously) and I couldn't find any way to reset the challenge road. So if you want to skip challenges you would need to start a new file and unlock all minigames again.


Forum: Super Mario Party

Thread: Some Great Catagory Ideas

Started by: SizzylSizzyl

All Gems would be a good idea too, you don't need online play, just gotta beat every mode


Forum: Super Mario Party

Thread: A category from other games

Started by: OneNoob678OneNoob678

I already played through most of the game so might as well suggest some categories (includes possible spoilers):
- 'Mario Party' All Boards
---- Subcategories: normal, hard, very hard, master
---- Rules: "Must win all 4 'Mario Party' boards. Timing starts when pressing A after choosing the amount of turns, timing ends when the characters name pops up when announcing the winner."

- Partner Party All Boards
---- Subcategories: normal, hard, very hard, master
---- Rules: "Must win all 4 Partner Party boards. Timing starts when pressing A after choosing the amount of turns, timing ends when the characters name pops up when announcing the winner."

- River Survival (subcategories: normal & hard - singleplayer & multiplayer & 1P2C, variables: normal oar & gold oar)
---- Subcategories: normal, hard - singleplayer, multiplayer, 1P2C
---- Variables: normal oar, gold oar (there is a notable difference between them but id say not enough to add a third subcategory)
---- Rules: "Must beat River Survival using any path. Timing starts when pressing A on choosing the raft side, timing ends when "Goal" appears."

- Challenge Road
---- Subcategories: normal challenges, master challenges
---- Rules: "Must beat all minigames in Challenge Road, skipping minigames is not allowed. Can be played on a already beaten file. Timing starts when pressing "Start", timing ends when "Clear!" appears on the final minigame." (might wanna add that they need to be beaten in order if that should be a thing - playing it on a new file shouldn't be required imo as you would need to unlock this mode again as you can't reset it)

- All Gems
---- Rules: "Must collect all 5 gems. Timing starts when pressing X after selecting a character, timing ends after the "You are a superstar" text appears after collecting the last gem."

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Thread: The hardest game ever?

Started by: Anywitness3Anywitness3

There is no "hardest game", every person is better at different games, for some a certain game is impossible while for others its easy.

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Thread: Waiting to get verified

Started by: IlluminaTeaIlluminaTea

His profile picture doesn't exactly help either...

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Thread: Question about country

Started by: KayleighBearXOKayleighBearXO

Doesn't matter too much which one of the two you use, take the one you like more id say.

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Thread: Help ?

Started by: DracaarysTrophyDracaarysTrophy

On imgur, click on the image you want to use and click on "Direct Link" and it should copy the right link, then just paste it exactly like that on here.

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Thread: quick question

Started by: macispoopymacispoopy

You can click on the 3 dots at the right side below the video, then click "Edit Run". If the run already got verified it needs to be re-verified.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Are runs able to be verified with just screenshots?

Started by: JuonathJuonath

It depends on the game, some games allow pictureproof, some not. But pictureproof is essentially the same as no proof as it can easily be edited, so don't expect too much out of it.

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Forum: 2048

Thread: Why is my 0.02 in the 8 category been put as 0.120?

Started by: RubiksmathRubiksmath

There is no minimum time in speedrunning, that's the whole point of speedrunning: Trying to find it. People in Odyssey thought 1:01 would be literally impossible, yet they did it, legitimaly. Runs shouldn't be rejected because theyre too fast.

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Thread: Why no tas?

Started by: MyrrosMyrros is generally a RTA site and not a TAS one, for TAS related stuff you can go over to and publish it there.


Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: Discord


And what has that to do with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Speedrunning?

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Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: In Game Time vs. Real Time

Started by: orangeisfastorangeisfast

Calculator wouldn't exactly be the best idea as loading times could vary a bit which would make it inaccurate. And removing them would take a lot of time as you would need to time every video to the frame for every single loading screen and for every run. I doubt that it's actually worth all the effort.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: how can I retime my runs?

Started by: cinnamonhuntercinnamonhunter

There are many ways, using video-editors is probably the best one. Sony Vegas as a example has a feature where you can select a certain part and you then see how long that part is, other programs probably have similar features. If not, just cut the video manually and then see how long it is.


Forum: Multiple Mario Games

Thread: Multiple Mario Kart Games

Started by: MangoMarioMangoMario

Yes, and there are already some rules in the above linked thread. Ill probably try to do a run at some point (just need to get good at SMK...)


Forum: Multiple Mario Games

Thread: Multiple Mario Kart Games

Started by: MangoMarioMangoMario

Why... just why...

First off, 50 and 100cc are just a boring version of 150cc which would just make the run unecessary long and boring.
Then, why even combine all? Your essentially playing each game 4 times which would be really boring, not even mentioning how absurdly long that would be.

And theres already been a thread for this: "Mario Kart Octathlon":
Which hasn't been added yet as you need to do a run of it first and no one did yet (@GamingLand posted a link to that).


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Super Catboy or How to make a game more appealing to speedrunners

Started by: TrunXTrunX

- Build-in timer
Ingame-timer should be accurate enough, there are more than enough games that use IGT (like Celeste ).
Another thing to consider is creating an Autosplitter for LiveSplit:

- "Should the separate speedrun mode auto-skip all dialogues and cutscenes?"
Text is useful for streamers to read the chat, or even for others since like 2h non-stop without pause could be a bit exhausting. Cutscenes probably should be skipped, text only if it's a lot of text, otherwise it's probably better not to.

- RNG & enemies
RNG isn't that bad as long as it doesn't "force" you to lose time (like not being able to attack a boss because it chose the wrong attack). It didn't seem like the current RNG is that bad, if your good at the game you could skip the enemies regardless.
There could be some sort of in-game display that shows that you beat all enemies in that specific level so 100% runners would need to beat them all but Any% runners wouldn't.

- Some other stuff
I noticed that Catboy didn't register my Switch Pro Controller (DInput) so I played with JoyToKey instead.
It's a bit annoying that the game forces fullscreen.
It probably should be explained that you get a boost while jumping mid-dash as I didn't notice that at first.
The website probably should get HTTPS as I couldn't access it at first with HTTPS Everywhere.

Most of these things weren't too bad, I still had a lot of fun playing it, excited to see more of the game!

/edit: Decided to run it a bit, heres my PB (has quite a few mistakes in it but not too bad overall id say):
Some things I noticed while running:
RNG was kinda annoying so I guess at least the initial direction and the spawning location for the fight at the end should be fixed. I think it is a good idea that the enemies are a bit random so it's not the exact same each time which could add a bit of fun, at least for me.
Dashing should probably be just one button as I never really used the Dash-right button and completely forgot it existed later on.
At least in the demo, Items felt kinda useless, if the levels in the final game are about the same length they probably should be adjusted a bit as I never had an issue with either ammo or HP.
Still had a lot of fun running it!

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Thread: World Record with no video???

Started by: OldWorldGamerOldWorldGamer

@diggitydingdong Yes, it got deleted. You can see the original poster on the thread list (, if the top post doesn't match up with the original poster it got deleted.
And yeah, it's a bad idea as the whole thread doesn't get deleted so it just adds confusion.

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