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Thread: Basketball and hockey

Started by: ThatRaisinThoThatRaisinTho

Good points, however I still think it's not worth making a category about it, especially in normal you could do all of these relatively easily and then you basically already have a perfect run
Both are available in Sports Mix, Any% and 100% which I think is enough


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Thread: regarding catogories

Started by: KrakenTheJakenKrakenTheJaken

What exactly do you want? Subcategories (Official Releases/Emulator on that board) or something else?


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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

@Sizzyl Id say bios would be abused pretty often, but I agree that some sort of way to tell that your gone wouldn't be a bad idea. Maybe you could choose a date in the settings and until that day your profile would say that your gone until then

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Thread: PS2 PAL is it 60Hz or not ?

Started by: BlueHarveyBlueHarvey

It's still useful if you already had a copy of the game so you wouldn't need to buy a new one just for speedrunning

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Thread: who verifies pending games?

Started by: crab-reduxcrab-redux

Content Mods, Full Mods and I think some Admins too

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Forum: Newer Super Mario Bros. DS

Thread: Unmodding myself

Started by: blueYOSHIblueYOSHI

I decided to unmod myself in this game as im lately not motivated at all to continue running this game.
And I decided to add @R0main as a new mod as hes already a series mod and mods several other NSMB ROM Hacks.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Adding a SMW Romhack to games

Started by: KurukururinKurukururin

No, anyone can add a game, not just the creator. You could try asking some of the Series mods here:

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Forum: Mario Sports Mix

Thread: Leaderboard changes

Started by: blueYOSHIblueYOSHI

I decided to change some things on this leaderboard, if anyone disagrees with some changes, let me know!

- Multiplayer subcategory
I replaced the 1P - 2P - 3P subcategories with "Singleplayer" and "Multiplayer" as both 2P and 3P were always empty when selecting 3on3 and 2on2 respectively.

- Hidden Finale
I deleted the full-game categories of the Hidden Finales as they were empty and also were even more RNG dependend as sometimes you can't even get access to the Hidden Finales, no matter what you do. ILs are still up as normal.

- Rewritten some rules
Rules are still the same, just explained a bit better with the exception of ILs which now allow full-game runs (timing starts when pressing "Advance").

- More categories
Both Any% and 100% are still viable categories that would be added once someone does a run of it.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: New Games added early?

Started by: Fireblood1248Fireblood1248

Series mods can add a new game to the series at any time, incl. upcoming games. You can also normally submit a upcoming game if it's releasing within the next 2 weeks and if you are a well-known user and have at least one run. The site staff can still always reject your submission.

And trust me, being a mod is more annoying than anything, especially for a newly released game as you get a lot of runs each day and often have debates of changing rules etc.

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Thread: I need some help with a game.

Started by: DorgeDorge

Edit game > Scroll to the very bottom > Click on "New variable" > Enter name (likely "Version" for you)
Click on "New value" and enter the name (likely the version number for you - repeat this as often as you need to)
Click on "Set default for all runs without a value"

If you want to create a subcategory, check the "Use as subcategory" checkbox
If you want to use a variable, uncheck the "default" checkbox for all values
(If you don't know the difference, subcategories create a extra button on the leaderboard while variables don't, you need to use filters for those)

Now all runs should be listed under the first version you entered, you need to edit runs to move them to the correct version if it's needed


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Thread: Playing older version of a game?

Started by: TetraxZTetraxZ

If it's an offline game you should be able to continue playing it by just not updating, if you already did youd need to download it again. If it's online then yeah, probably no way to do it.

But I don't even play the game, youll likely get better answers by asking the community of the game.


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Thread: had to change password

Started by: kreeperskreepers

Just don't complain when someone manages to get into any of your accounts.

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Thread: Number of Splits in Livesplit

Started by: PhilhcksPhilhcks

You could edit the split name each time you want to update it. It's annoying but it works.


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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Meme category do not have less runs by default as seen in my example with Dark Side and Nipple%. And the "main" category shouldn't just be the most ran one, it should be a good one that is entertaining, good for beginners or the most competitive one. There are even more reasons depening on the game, but it's definitely not just the most competitive one imo. Mostly the best one is also the most competitive one but not always.
Back to Nipple%, it doesn't beat the game, it's just a part of the game and as such I don't think it would be a good "main" category, it should be one that beats the entire game like Any% imo.

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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

@Overswarm About the whole main, misc, extension thing: It shouldn't be sorted automatically because it isn't just about the amount fo runners where a category belongs, it's about what it is. Take SMO's Dark Side and Nipple% as an example, Dark Side beats the game but Nipple% doesn't, it's just a meme and as such, in most cases, it shouldn't be a main category despite having more runners.
I do agree that it would be nice if the category extensions would be at the same place as the others, similarly to ILs.

It's being discussed what should be done about highscores here.

I do agree on the new search features and the comparison thing (as long as it only compares the games/categories both played).

I disagree with any kind of score system for users, that would imply that a certain runner is better than others which very often isn't the case, despite the runner having a better score. And even if that isn't the case, it would take way too long to find a good balance and even implementing all of it, it just wouldn't be worth it.

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Forum: Super Mario Party

Thread: Trike Harder Minigame?

Started by: TekunoTekuno

You can submit minigame records to Cyberscore:
We currently have no plans to create minigame leaderboards on here.

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Thread: 1 Player on multiple controllers ban

Started by: 1upGirlXaltis1upGirlXaltis

My opinion is that multiple controllers should be either banned or moved to a subcategory, exceptions being River Survival (which already has a Multiplayer subcategory) and Partner Party (which only allows 1/2 controllers, and a Switch comes with 2 anyway).

If there is enough interest in 1P4C we could add a subcategory for Multiplayer runs, currently I can't see too much interest in one tho'.

And thanks @Sizzyl lol

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Thread: River Survival Hard Routing? (Ricey pls do maths)

Started by: SizzylSizzyl

8 ballons shouldn't be too hard if you don't bonk too much, 7 balloons is possible too but you literally can't bonk a single time!

Balloons routing:
Gentle Beginning: Take the first three balloons
Cheep Cheep Schools: Take the second one
Rapids Run: Take the second ballon (the others completely kill your speed from the boost panels, on the second one it ends immediately before anyway)
Eye of the Needle: Take the first one and the notes one. In the maze, go the left path and skip the balloon.
Beyond the Jungle: Take the first one if you need it, skip it if you have enough time.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: A complete speedrun rejected for not finished?

Started by: oocryoooocryoo

Then ask that person because we don't know