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If it's a New Super Mario Bros ROM Hack, theres a seperate series for that, contact them:
Im not sure about the NES ones either, Id say try resubmiting it and explain that in the additional notes section


If it's an extension then it's an extension, SRC can't change anything about that. Maybe you could deactivate the extension on SRC?
I can't notice any difference between loading the games tab and basically any other site so I doubt it's actually the sites fault.

/edit: Maybe try Firefox? I heard it's a lot better performance wise


@30Cents Try disabling AdBlock if you enabled it

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This should work: (links are in the description)
Should work on Wii U too with actual MKWii discs


You mean going to the next split?
Most just use a hotkey on a keyboard, I usually put my keyboard in a place so it's closer to my hands and whenever im close to splitting I already move the controller near the keyboard so I can split immediately

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I never heard of that title so others likely didn't either
If you want to see runs of the game, do some runs, you can request the game here once you did a few:


You can find that under "Edit Theme", you have to be a moderator to do that.
If the icons don't change, clear your cache (Ctrl + F5 on Windows)

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Thanks, fixed it!


Check the default checkbox for a value and then click "Set default for all runs without a value", all prior runs are now shown with that value.
To open runs in a new tab you can also hold Ctrl and click on the run

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I'd suggest to create a forum post for that game or contact the moderator directly

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They can be found here:
Most of the time Mariowiki has the answer to anything Mario related.

All of them can be found and unlocked with alternate paths or by playing them for a while
Basketball/Feed Petey - Win 15 matches for each court
Volleyball/Harmony Hustle - Just win the stage and you unlock the harder version for it
Dodgeball/Bob-omb Dodge - Win 20 matches for each court
Hockey/Smash Skate - Win 20 matches for each court
They all only have one unlockable difficulty except Volleyball which has three iirc

And if you really want to do this (trust me, it's gonna be really annoying!), you should route the alternate paths, they can save you a lot of time if you use them correctly! GameFAQs has a guide which describes the paths a bit so that might be a good starting point:
I also planned to route them a bit on my own but I didn't have too much motivation lately so that might take a while...

Good luck!


Clear your browser cache (Ctrl + F5 on Windows), your browser still saved the old images and uses those instead of the new ones

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When you open the Odyssey Any% leaderboard and immediately change the subcategory, it display the new subcategory but the default one loads in immediately after so you have the default subcategory runs displayed despite selecting another subcategory


Would easily take an entire day, good luck if you actually decide to run this, youll need it! (also, you should probably practise the minigames first, the hardest difficulty is harder than you might think), rules:

Timing starts when opening a newly created save file the first time (creating the savefile needs to be shown in the video).
Timing ends after either unlocking the last unlockable or after beating the last minigame/battle.

After the timer stopped the video needs to go through all sports and show all outfits/colors for all characters and the hidden stages and show all minigames (playing them again is not required).

Everything required for 100%:

Characters: (In all sports including Sports Mix (the crystal))
All 4 Yoshi colors
All 4 Toad colors
Alternative outfit for Peach
Alternative outfit for Daisy
All 3 slime colors
Unlock Moogle
Unlock Cactuar
Alternative color for Ninja
Alternative color for White Mage
Alternative color for Black Mage

Unlock all 3 stages in both difficulties in Feed Petey
Unlock all 3 stages in all 3 difficulties in Harmony Hustle
Beat the score (shown at the top right while playing it) in all 3 stages in all 3 difficulties in Harmony Hustle
Unlock all 3 stages in both difficulties in Bob-Omb Dodge
Unlock all 3 stages in both difficulties in Smash Skate

Beat all cups in normal and hard difficulty
Beat both Behemoth and Behemoth King at least once
Unlock all hidden stages in all sport modes (there are none in Sports Mix)


Yes, you have to fight Behemoth twice and yes, there will be a Co-Op category

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Good points, however I still think it's not worth making a category about it, especially in normal you could do all of these relatively easily and then you basically already have a perfect run
Both are available in Sports Mix, Any% and 100% which I think is enough


What exactly do you want? Subcategories (Official Releases/Emulator on that board) or something else?


@Sizzyl Id say bios would be abused pretty often, but I agree that some sort of way to tell that your gone wouldn't be a bad idea. Maybe you could choose a date in the settings and until that day your profile would say that your gone until then

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It's still useful if you already had a copy of the game so you wouldn't need to buy a new one just for speedrunning

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