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You can find the readme inside the .rar file. (direct download)
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This is a 100% save file for Black Ops 2 with all unlocks, all challenges done and all missions finished on Veteran atleast once. The story itself only has the first mission completed, so you'll have to replay through the story to get the right story choices for fast ILs. Or just do a fullgame run by rewinding the story back to Pyrrhic Victory. How to install: Place the "players" folder in Black Ops 2's root folder. BE CAREFUL: This will replace your current save so make a backup of your own players folder if you haven't already. This save has the bug on Odysseus where both Farid and Harper are alive, to fix this you'll have to play through the story and make every choice that makes the fastest Odysseus possible, reminder: the story only has the first mission finished. (direct download)
The save file required in order to run the NG (Recruit), No Pyrrhic Victory category on PC. Console users, see the category-specific rules for directions on how to make your own No PV save file. Instructions: Extract the Players folder within inside your Black Ops 2 root folder and replace the existing Players folder (make a backup if it's your NG+ save for example). I've set up the in-game settings to be on lowest, max res (for me it was 1366x768). Tune the settings to your liking and keep your own backup of this save file but with your preferred settings. (direct download)