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I want to pick up this game to do runs on but I'm confused by the rules. It says that you are not allowed to cover any part of the HUD but some of the runs on the leaderboard have parts of the HUD covered, which parts of the HUD are not allowed to cover ?


The old runs are not affected by the newest rules in place.
You do not want to cover the HP and stamina bars section, nor the echoes and insight one either.
It is about common sense, which some Souls runners (especially the temporary wannabes) did / still / will lack completely.


It was in one of the all bosses top ten runs so it is quite recent, can't remember which one, item icon and more importantly item counter were hidden so it was hard to keep track and compare it to other runs.
Thank you for the clarification ffleret.


The way DJNattie has item icons covered only would cause an issue when it comes to the items you use with the Square button (so not the bullets, not the vials), however, there are item dupes in that game and checking resources used in the All Bosses run is quite easy.
DJNattie knows that going for WR would mean dropping all of the memes because people do not have time for them in a serious competition.