Heroic in 1h 13m 18s by TsubakiTsubaki - 2nd place

Because this explanation depends on Google translation, it is highly likely that it is a wrong sentence.

Decklist : https://goo.gl/r258iw

It was a big update, but the big change compared to before was only Maloriak.
Only stabilization of Maloriak was giving up halfway, but it succeeded in considerable stabilization.
The concept of the deck is similar to Naxxramas' Thaddius, using the reverse of status and the Buff specification.
Due to the specification of the enemy AI, the priority of processing of Murk-Eye is low when Warleader and Murk-Eye are lined up at the same time, the fact that Crazed Alchemist is used for Murk-Eye with high probability, etc. is a factor that creates a big advantage I will.

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