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So after having played both the original game and the Platinum Hits over the course of my life, there are several "quality of life" changes between the two versions the game, most of which make the game easier to speedrun.
The notable changes from the original to the PH version include:

-Water Slugs and Combustasaurs require only 6 hits rather than 10 before transforming into that lizard thing

-No yellow Spikers show up until Everwinter (world 7)

-No pink Spikers show up until Forge of Hours (world 8 )

-There is no Tom-Tom Biker in Time Square: Stage 2

-Clothes are cheaper, meaning you can get the bright set at the end of the game and style hard on the final boss (assuming you have gold)

-The silver Cat Medal in 4-2 is a little harder to find, but doesn't require you to go out of your way to get it like in the normal version (useful for All Medals/100%)

In case there were any confusing bits in my videos, this should explain why my copy of the game may differ from any of yours and why I personally suggest that people run the PH version over the original. Aside from getting a little more gold in Time Square Stage 2 in the original version (even though you lose a lot more time at the beginning taking out the biker), I don't believe there's anything that the Greatest Hits version has over the normal version. Thoughts?


Another difference I found out recently is that on the original release, is that you can't take ammo from one fight to the next in the boss rush. As a result the boss fights other than the first can take longer to do since you won't be able to bring bombs and spike balls along.


There is a document on the Guides page that has a more in-depth list on all the differences on the two versions if you want to see a more comprehensive analysis.